Current Breakfast Obsession: Oatmeal with Cacao Nibs & Figs

So when I’m not eating this egg scramble, it’s because I’m equally obsessed with another breakfast recipe from the Food Lover’s Cleanse — Oatmeal with Cacao Nibs & Figs.  <– Just totally typed “Nibs & Fibs,” which is so much funnier.

If you’ve never had figs, they’re kinda creepy.  True Story: When we were in Barcelona, Joey ordered a duck dish that had figs (which he’d never had before) in it and he was mortified when his plate came out and he thought the figs were raw duck parts.  And now that I’ve told that story, don’t you totally feel hungry?  Honestly though, fresh figs do kind of look like some kind of alien or maybe something you’d see in a biology textbook, but fear not.  Dried figs are much less creepy than their fresh counterpart and this breakfast recipe luckily uses the dried variety, which are sticky sweet and sort of date-like, except they’re seedy, for you texture-lovers out there.


Though you could use whatever oats (or grain) you want, the recipe calls for steel cut oats, so I make a bigger batch over the weekend then all you have to do come weekday morning is heat some up on the stove with a little bit of water to thin it back out.  Then you add some chopped figs, some cacao nibs — which aren’t cheap, so you better believe I’m getting my money’s worth by using up every last nib — and serve it on up.  The recipe doesn’t call for it, but I add some almond butter on top because why not?  And also because I’m going through an almond butter phase and want to put it on everything.


What is your current breakfast obsession?

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