Current Breakfast Obsession: Kinda Fancy Almond Butter Toast

Yeah, wasn’t kidding about writing a post on how to make TOAST.  Because you totally need directions for the simplest of food procedures, right?


Here’s the thing.  The arrival of this current breakfast obsession has a two part catalyst.  Part 1: The eating of bread in France.  Like real bread, cut from a baguette that was recently baked and sliced and doesn’t contain things like “dough conditioner” and whatever else is in the usual list of sandwich bread ingredients here in the U.S. of A.  Part 2: My love of “artisanal toast” (did I really just say that?) at my favoritest coffee shop.

And the result of these catalysts is also two-part.  Part 1: Me buying all of our bread from the actual Whole Foods bakery, where, GET THIS, they have loaves of freshly baked bread that have something like FOUR ingredients (that I’ve actually heard of) and are SO CHEAP.  Okay, sorry for all the capital letters, but I am endlessly excited about buying bread I can feel good about for TWO DOLLARS.  I know, you probably didn’t even know you could buy something so cheap at Whole Foods.  Part 2: Me realizing I could make my own damn “artisanal bread” at home with just a good slice of bread (I’m partial to Ciabatta), fresh ground almond butter, some Colorado honey and a pinch of flaked sea salt.  Bam!

I know, it sounds so simple, but it’s so good!  I mean, I’m still a slave to coffee shop toast because they take it up a notch and use lavender honey, that I cannot for the life of me find online or in any store, but this at-home version is the next best thing.  So please, pick yourself up some good bread (the bigger the slice, the better!), toast it to golden-brown perfection, slather it with your favorite almond butter, drizzle it with some honey and go ahead, flake some sea salt on top.  Just remember that sea salt flakes are not sprinkles, so don’t go crazy.  Trust me, salty toast is not good.

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