Fall Bucket List (First Ever!)

So here’s the thing.  On Monday, I was walking back to my car after buying lipstick (!) and the ground was covered in leaves.  It was all rainy gloomy on Tuesday morning and the cold weather people in the office were rejoicing.  Tomorrow is OCTOBER.  And I am just thinking “whoa, it is definitely fall!”  And I am also thinking that while I usually just stick to summer bucket lists, fall deserves one too.  I thought this list up a few weeks ago, then last Saturday, I told Joey he had to come up with just one of his own to add.  Let’s see if you can guess which one it is.


Fall Bucket List

(I’ve accidentally already done some of these things before publishing the list, but whatever!)

Brew a seasonal beer (Check!) // We’ve got an Octoberfest fermenting away in the basement.  Basement beer is the best beer.

Make French Toast muffins (Check!) // I’m talking about these, but I have a serious aversion to referring to food as “cups.”  Ew.

Get a real Pumpkin Spice Latte (Check!) // There’s a coffee shop by us that makes their syrup with real pumpkin.  Yes, please.

Go to the Boulder Farmers’ Market (Check!) // I forgot this was even on my list when we went last Saturday, but I’ll take it.

Buy mums for the front porch // That is, if my summer porch plants aren’t still alive and well.  Or maybe I could just have both.

Clean out my closet // I have a lot of clothes but I only like about 10% of it all.  If I clean stuff out, I can refill with better stuff!

Make paella // They made paella on a summer episode of The Kitchen but I wanna make it even if it’s fall.

Organize the kitchen pantry // There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to that thing right now.

Go to the urban pumpkin patch (Check!) // They do a pumpkin patch at the Little Man Ice Cream Plaza and I wanna go get so bad.

Make a trip to Nooch Vegan Market // I asked Joey if it’s okay that my heart likes juicy steaks but also vegan stuff.  He said “absolutely!”

Try three new breweries // Surprise!  This was Joey’s.  His original answer was “run a half marathon,” but I told him that was cheating and got this instead.  I’m not gonna argue with that 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List (First Ever!)

  1. I’ve been wanting to check out Nooch too! I had my first pumpkin beer of the season today (Hey! Pumpkin by Denver Beer Co. – seriously pumpkin-y!) …and I need to try a legit pumkin spice latte someday – must stop into Downpours 😉 Happy fall!!

  2. Oddly, I have parked outside of Nooch twice but haven’t been in. I haven’t had any pumpkin beer yet this year but I really like the Hey! Pumpkin (and anything by DBCo.) so I should probably go buy some.

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