First Anniversary Trip: Seattle

Remember that time we went to Seattle?

No?  Oh, that’s probably because it was TWO MONTHS ago.  Well, it’s time I wrote about it.  Just know that even though it was our least favorite of the three places we stopped, we still really liked it.  When you live in landlocked Colorado, anywhere with water and, more importantly, fresh seafood, is a true delight.  Plus we had mostly sun and only half a day of that real Seattle weather, so thanks for that, Mother Nature.


We drove in from Portland and made it to our AirBNB apartment around 2ish and then, first things first, LUNCH!  We did wander past Top Pot Doughnuts but I decided I should probably eat real food instead, so we wound up at Purple Café and Wine Bar.  I got a lunch combo of half kale Caesar and mini fig pizza and was pretty sure that was the happiest I’d ever been.  Oh and we shared a bomber, because vacation means mid-day drinking.


IMG_0225IMG_0229Afterwards, we walked along the waterfront down to Olympic Sculpture Park.  There was some weird stuff (that head!), but mostly it was interesting, relaxing and just the right amount of touristy.  And by that, I mean I knew we were doing something touristy but it wasn’t crazy busy and there were plenty of locals living their lives (aka walking their dogs or going for a jog) all around us.  I really liked that!



We really tried to make it over to the Pike Place Market before all the vendors shut down for the day but by the time we got there, everything was pretty much cleared out.  We said oh well and found ourselves at Rachel’s Ginger Beer instead.  Um, this place!  A bunch of different flavored ginger beers that you can drink plain or use in a cocktail.  I felt like that was a concept that would do really well in Denver.  I can’t remember what flavor Moscow Mules we got but I liked Joey’s better.


We made super last minute dinner reservations at Elliott’s Oyster House on the waterfront and I’m still not sure how we got in.  Not that it was crazy busy, but the place had good reviews, it was on the water and it was Friday night.  Maybe only tourists go there?  I don’t know, but I do know we liked it!  We felt like we had to order oysters but cheated and got baked.  I still don’t feel like I need to eat oysters ever again.  Also, Joey ordered the Cioppino and I had the best time ever watching him eat it.  And less fun when I was done eating for like 20 minutes while he continued to “put together his own dinner!”  Let’s just say the meal came with a “finger bowl,” okay?  P.S. Ferris wheel spotting after dinner!



IMG_0234IMG_0305 image1

Much to my delight, a coffee shop I already had bookmarked was just a few blocks away from where we were staying, so the next morning we walked over for breakfast and the best latte art ever.  Kinda disappointed in mine though…  And then we did all the touristy things, like walking away from the Space Needle just so we could take the monorail back to it.  But look how delighted we are about it!  We walked through the Chihuly exhibit and I wished my job was to throw glass orbs in a lake just to see what they did.  And then it was Space Needle time.  That elevator takes you up so fast!  And the view from the top ain’t bad 🙂


After all that excitement, we zipped over to the Fremont neighborhood to see the bridge troll and, wait for it, to eat donuts!  I guess they were lunch?  It wasn’t clearly advertised, but Mighty-O’s is all vegan.  If you didn’t know, you never would’ve guessed.  The classic cinnamon sugar was our favorite.  And then we walked over to Slate Coffee Roasters to partake in the most pretentious thing I’ve ever done: a deconstructed latte tasting.  But we had to, ya know?  I wasn’t that impressed except for that milk!!!  Seriously, I’ve never tasted milk like that before.  So sweet and creamy.  Also, this coffee shop is a sit and get served type of deal.  And I can overlook the hipsterness because the baristas were so genuinely nice.

IMG_0310IMG_0311 IMG_9705IMG_0313


Evening activities included Rockies vs. Mariners at Safeco, getting up close and personal with Tom Murphy warming up in the bullpen, eating the worst veggie dog ever and getting beat pretty bad.  Let’s not discuss those last two points any further.  Oh and Joey robbed a homerun real quick.  Our seats were so amazing (behind home plate!) and it’s always so fun to see a new ballpark, so who cares about the outcome of the game, right?


The next morning, we got to experience some of that quintessential Seattle weather (NO THANKS) and actually made it over to the market for breakfast and wandering.  Those crumpets look boring but they were SO GOOD.  Mine had almond butter and jam and that one covered in maple butter was life-changing.  We totally saw them tossing fish but our favorite part of the market was the flowers!  They were so beautiful and seriously so cheap.  Like $5 for one of those big bouquets.  If I lived in Seattle, I’d buy one every week.  I’m just now realizing we packed a lot into those two days.  I’m exhausted now.  But in all honesty, our vacation and first anniversary was more than I ever could’ve asked for.  The best 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy Friday and a fun weekend!

Where We Stayed:

Heart of Downtown Seattle

Where We Went:

Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle Center: Space Needle and Chihuly Garden

Fremont/Ballard neighborhoods

Fremont Troll

Safeco Field

Pike Place Market

Where We Ate/Drank:

Purple Café and Wine Bar

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Elliot’s Oyster House

Moore Coffee Shop

Mighty-O Donuts

Slate Coffee Roasters

The Crumpet Shop

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