Friday Night Fettuccine

Guys… HI!  I’m here… on a Saturday!  Which I never do.  Unless, of course, I’m so excited about something that I actually cannot wait to post about it.  As is the case with last night’s dinner.  A few weeks ago, we were watching The Holiday and Kate Winslet and Jack Black were making “Christmas Eve fettuccine,” when I was struck with a deep and unrelenting desire to make my own giant bowl of Alfredo.




So, I dug out this old school Italian cookbook I stole from my mom five years ago and was greeted with childhood nostalgia.  My mom used to use the Fettuccine Alfredo from this cookbook all the time and I remember it being SO GOOD.  We declared Friday night fettuccine and Scrooged night and I could not have been more excited.




The final product turned out PERFECTLY and just as good as I remember it being when my mom made it and it could not have be easier or more simple to make.  Seriously, just fettuccine, butter, heavy cream, freshly grated parmesan, salt and pepper.  Hardly revolutionary or complicated or… uh healthy, but this is comfort food at its best.


P.S. The best part of the recipe was that it said “makes a first course for four.”  If they serve Fettuccine Alfredo as a first course in Italy, I’m ready to move there.  Either way, the two of us polished off the entire pot 🙂



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