Weekend Things

Last week, man!  Joey and I both felt so out of it.  We were doing things like accidentally leaving our phone at home (me!), forgetting our water bottles in the dishwasher, buying birthday presents and Mother’s Day gifts a week late, attempting to sprout mung beans but forgetting to rinse them (me again…) and just remembering all sorts of things at the last minute.  We were not on top of our game.

But, get this.  I kinda liked it.  I’m usually week-ahead-organized and it was kind of refreshing and exciting to “live like a normal person” (Joey’s words, not mine).  Sometimes it’s okay, good even, to be unprepared and just take things as they come.  So even though I had this feeling our weekend was going to be busy, I just brushed it off and it all worked out just the same.  Laid back living is fun.




Right after work on Friday, I took to the grocery store to get that out of the way.  Kinda forgot about Rockies traffic, but I lived through it and made it home just in time to unload our bags, change and head out to our NINE YEAR dating anniversary dinner!  I’ve been dying to take Joey to D Bar ever since my mom and I went back in March.  After talking it up for so long, I was scared it wouldn’t live up, but NOPE.  It was phenomenal.

It may be known for its desserts, but D Bar can make some seriously good food too.  Between the two of us we had the Brussels sprouts (can’t even with that glaze!), roasted chicken with cheesy grit cakes, ribeye with smashed potatoes and… CAKE AND SHAKE!!!  The menu makes this stuff all sound really simple and straight-forward but gah, is this stuff well-executed!  Not a single disappointing bite in the bunch.

I guess this dinner could have been a post in itself, but before this turns into a short novel, I’ll just mention that I saw Chef Keegan in the kitchen and my immediate reaction was just to shout “KEEGAN!”  My Food Network Challenge watchers know what’s up.





Saturday was all doom and gloom (though the sun did peek out a few times), which isn’t ideal when you have a Cystic Fibrosis Walk to participate in and a graduation party to attend, but what can you do but walk quickly and eat fondant to distract yourself from the cold?  We did this same walk last year but now that I actually know what Cystic Fibrosis is, the event felt a lot more powerful.  Afterwards, there was a BBQ where we got to chat with our friends Brett and Ashley about all things Denver dining and gosh is it energizing to talk to someone who just gets you on a food-level 🙂

Hannah is officially a nursing school graduate!  I’m so proud in a way that’s probably the closest I’ll get before I have actual children to be proud of.  She took everyone’s blood pressure, as any good nursing school graduate would and how amazing is that cake?  Just please tell me you noticed that the cake bakers made a clock instead of a stop watch.  That cake’s blood pressure looks to be about 6:36.  Too funny!






Up and at em on Sunday to make donuts!  We rescheduled Mother’s Day Brunch with my mom and do you even know how hard it is to find a Mother’s Day card a week later?  All card struggles aside, our donuts came out perfect, the fruit bowl was plentiful, the Bellinis were flowing (or was that just me drinking them all?) and I think everyone had fun.  This was our first hosting event since we got a Chemex and man is it hard to brew enough coffee in that thing.  Gonna need to invest in an insulated carafe, stat!  And because my wonderful mother cannot help herself, she brought ME a gift.  New flowers for my pots.  Joey planted that first beautifully perfect one and mine is the sad second one, that I had to re-do with Joey’s help.  Oy!

We spent the rest of the day at the Rockies game (sweep, sweep, sweep!), then relaxed at home and finally got our act together in preparation for this week.  Laundry, food prep, dishes.  I even got into bed and finished my book (LOVED The Red Tent!).  All signs point to a good week.  Let’s do it!

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