Odds & Ends, Take 6

Confession: I start drafting these “Odds & Ends” posts ALL THE TIME — adding to it here and there — but then one day I realize the stuff I wrote about happened months ago and no one, myself included, cares about that stuff anymore.  But look at me actually posting one for real this time!


My parents went on vacation a couple of weeks ago so I went over for dinner when they got back and my mom made this spread of pure beauty.  Needless to say, I’m really glad she’s home 🙂


In addition to Sunday morning breakfasts, Joey and I are instating a Tuesday Date Night™ policy.  Started with a bang at Biju’s Little Curry Shop because it’s curry weather in Denver this week.  I’m well aware of how good that place is but Joey seemed EXTRA blown away.


Words of wisdom from my kombucha.


Made this Greek Quinoa Salad (+ pita and hummus) for lunches this week and our co-worker totally caught me standing outside taking a picture of it.


Got five bug bites on my foot in D.C. and ohmygod, my foot was so swollen on Monday.  I quick texted my private nurse (aka Hannah) to ask if I should be concerned.  She said no but she’s the one who should be concerned because I plan to send many more texts like this in the future 🙂img_3940Joey and I celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary last Tuesday by tailgating with Illegal Pete’s before Film on the Rocks.  We FINALLY saw the newest Star Wars and I feel like Adam Sackler would really shun Adam Driver for being a part of a blockbuster.  Otherwise, we thought it was pretty good.


This happened.  Ain’t no bond like a sibling bond, because a sibling bond don’t quit is based on the seamless quoting of movies you grew up watching together.


Found this copy of Life of Pi in one of the Free Little Libraries in our neighborhood and decided, since I’d never read it, to give it a go.  Loving it so far and can’t wait to re-watch the movie once I’m done.  Also, it’s WAY better than this s%*# I’m reading for book group.


And speaking of book group, we got to go to a preview of “This Is Us” on Thursday night!  Pizza dinner first 🙂  I’ve seriously seen the trailer for this show a thousand times and it took me until the 999th time to realize it was Jess from Gilmore Girls and Mandy Moore!

We’ve got friend-filled plans and perfect fall weather to look forward to this weekend.  Hoping you all have equally good things on the agenda!

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