Things That Help

Listening to LOTS of Sia.

Donating to Planned Parenthood and ACLU.

Talking to my parents.

In no particular order: Anna Kendrick, Kate McKinnon and Lena Dunham.

Joe Biden memes.

I’ve been a little MIA from this space — and the online space, in general — because I’ve been struggling to work through thoughts and emotions that frankly, I don’t really know how to deal with.  Should I be sad or angry?  Am I supposed to have moved on or should I be harnessing these emotions to do something helpful?  And if so, what exactly is that something?  I don’t think there’s straight answers to any of these questions, so I’m just taking it moment by moment and doing what feels like the right path for me.

I keep finding myself in moments of happiness and feeling guilty.  Like I should be in mourning and have no right to feel any sense of peace, but what can we do?  Life must and will go on.  This weekend I got to see my best friends, meet their puppy, eat pancakes made by my husband, spend time with my family, prep for my favorite holiday, enjoy Harry Potter Weekend and just feel genuine joy.  I think we all deserve a little happiness right now.


Avery puppy is ADORABLE and I kinda lost it over her dumpling chew toys.  Beer and pizza with Hannah and Josh at Echo Brewing, followed by many YouTube videos made for the perfect Friday night.


Joey and I have been alternating pancake-making the past few Saturdays and it’s THE BEST.  It was his turn this weekend and there’s nothing better than going straight from bed to pancake breakfast.  

That baby pancake, though!


We braved the grocery store for Thanksgiving groceries and managed to get in and out before it got too crazy in there.  I also went on a run then headed to my parents’ to see my sister.  May or may not have taken a family trip to Whole Foods once my parents came home from work.  Just a typical Dorsey outing, ya know?

Meanwhile, Joey was fixing our front door (don’t ask…) and LOOK!  He uncovered a transom window!  It’s so awesome and I’m so lucky to have a handy husband to fix up our 108 year old house.   


I came home and fixed us up some homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese which had us both wondering… “WHY DON’T WE MAKE GRILLED CHEESE MORE OFTEN??”  It’s so dang good!


Sunday started with breakfast at Black Eye Cap Hill and way too many cups of coffee — cut to me cleaning and chopping veggies for the next 4 hours — and ended with yoga, dinner, Shameless and the AMAs.  I’m just gonna announce my formal withdrawal from music award shows now.  

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Week!

4 thoughts on “Things That Help

  1. I feel your sentiments so completely. I told my friend that I almost feel like I have survivor’s guilt–when I feel happy, I feel like I shouldn’t? I don’t want to tune out all the very real, very bad stuff that’s happening, but I think we also need to give ourselves room to be happy. I’m glad you had such a wonderful weekend surrounded by good food, good friends, and most importantly, good pups.

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