Weekend Things

When it’s Friday and your dinner plans got cancelled, so you’re driving home and straight into the Freekend — that’s a word I just made up to describe a weekend without any plans, commitments or obligations — then all is right in the world.


Joey and I seriously debated still going out to dinner, but then the idea of cooking ourselves some fettuccine, cracking open a bomber to share, renting a movie and most importantly, doing all of that IN OUR PAJAMAS sounded much much better.  Help, we’re young but we’re old.  I really wanted to love Hell or High Water but it mostly felt like we missed the first hour of the movie.  Some backstory really would’ve helped.  But let Chris Pine look like the rough and tumble Cowboy type for the rest of forever, please.


Saturday was completely without plans so we started it with waffles, naturally.  Not gonna lie, I have a habit of taking a day without plans and ruining it by feeling like I need to be mega-productive or wasting the entire day by being indecisive about what to actually fill it with, but I’m enjoying a laid back moment in life, so I just let the day unfold at its own pace.  Which means we ended up going for a run, picking up lunch, hitting the grocery store and… finally finishing up our room project!  Joey got all the cracks patched, sanded and textured so we could paint, clean up the dust and get our wedding photo back up on the wall.  It’s probably not THAT big of a change, but every time I walk into our room, I’m delighted to see everything all fixed up!


Sunday started with breakfast at Revelry with my parents.  I was impressed the first time we tried the place, but much less impressed this time around.  I wasn’t getting any warm and fuzzy feelings from our waitress and after talking up the chilaquiles to my mom, she was served something much different from what I’d been served back in September.  Hmph.  But they were playing a lot of Beatles and I did get to hug my mom three times, so I suppose I can’t complain too much 🙂

Afterwards, I got our lunch salads made and ran a quick lipstick errand before heading over to the Super Bowl party.  Highlights: That Bai commercial with JT, Lady Gaga singing “Telephone” AND “Bad Romance,” seeing my bestie and a ham-cheese-salami slider I ate during halftime.  Also, turns out, even when the Broncos aren’t in the Super Bowl, Coloradans have some strong feeling on who wins.  Hint: they do NOT like Tom Brady.

How was your weekend??

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. I also hate Tom Brady and by extension the Pats. I don’t actually care about football, but the fact that all the white supremacists and Trump were rooting the Pats on makes them so unlikable. All that aside, what a wonderful weekend. It seems like it was full of nourishing food and people, and that’s really all I ever want in life. I hope the rest of your week is just as good.

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