4th of July Snapshots

Sometimes you skip your workout because you got your hair done the day before and don’t want to wash out those professionally-styled waves.

Sometimes you brew beer for the first time in a long time and forget to add the damn malt.  Aka a KEY ingredient.

Sometimes you go to marinate your chicken wings and they smell RANK and you get to make an emergency trip to Whole Foods for more.

Sometimes your 4th of July maybe doesn’t go to plan, but it’s still perfect because you got a few extra hours of sleep, made waffles, tried a new kombucha flavoring method, read in the hammock, used your BRAND NEW GRILL (!!!!!!) to make some bomb wings, went for a evening stroll, ate cobbler and felt all around happiness.


Patriotic breakfasts only


Alaskan Reindeer > Elk Jalapeno Cheddar, but also: Biker Jim’s dogs > any other dog


Waiting for post-game fireworks while watching a hot dog-eating contest on Facebook live



Pretty sure ash was not supposed to be falling on us through the entire firework show, but that’s what happened



Could hardly watch this… SO EW


Joey surprised me with a new grill for my birthday!!! It had been in our backyard for a full day and I didn’t even notice…


Not to be biased but this is the most beautiful beet I’ve ever seen




UM SO GOOD and all grilled by ME




Blackberry-Cherry Cobbler ♥

2 thoughts on “4th of July Snapshots

  1. So I actually came on here to tell you that I needed meal ideas for tonight so I spent about half an hour scrolling your food tags! It worked. We’re gonna try cashew chicken tonight. I don’t do spice well but I bought the chili paste just in case I want to risk giving it a little heat. Your blog is really making me want to try grilling, but I’m so intimidated by it. We have one in the complex we can use but neither Jordan or I know how. Maybe I should try to conquer it this summer! Any tips?

    • Oh my gosh, this comment just made me so happy! I really really hope the curry worked out for you (let me know either way though!). I’m honestly pretty intimidated by grilling too which is why I’m never in charge of it when it’s a big group but grilling for just the two of us is helping me gain some confidence.

      I really really recommend starting with chicken thighs. They’re dark meat, so they are VERY forgiving in terms of cooking time. If you’re still learning how long things take to cook and you accidentally leave them on the grill longer than necessary, they will still turn out juicy and delicious. You’d have to try really hard to OVER-cook them. Grilled pizza is also a great starting place! You got this, girl!

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