Scenes from the Weekend


So much to say about this weekend!  Mostly, I wanna tell you I-70 was our second home, which means mountain time to the max — getting to breathe in that fresh crisp air, watching Chad dominate the Tough Mudder, being serenaded by Amos Lee at Red Rocks — and it was so darn refreshing.

But also: French toast with miso-date butter (OMG!), a new backyard umbrella, BABY BUTTERNUT SQUASH (my heart can’t handle it!!!) and guys, we totally watched Game of Thrones when we got home from last night’s concert.  But the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (who backed Amos) played the theme song to end the concert and it had us so pumped up that we simply couldn’t NOT watch, right??

What a good, good, good weekend ♥

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