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If you’re a chronic over-thinker — I cannot even tell you how long it takes me to decide when and how I want to get my nails done and I also cannot tell you WHY it takes me so long to decide — it’s always helpful to be listening to things that keep you out of your own head.  Here’s three of the things I’ve been doing that with lately.


The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

At my last book club meeting, I won the raffle for an audiobook and guys, I’ve never listened to an audiobook!  It feels like cheating to me.  Like if you aren’t turning the pages yourself or moving your own eyeballs, is it even reading?  Please tell me your thoughts on this.  I just popped the disc in but I need help deciding if I really want to dive into this whole audiobook thing.

Up and Vanished

Is now a good time to confess that Joey and I no longer speak to each other?  At home, we watch TV and in the car, we listen to podcasts.  Okay, maybe we still talk to each other — hitting that pause button all the time — but for the past few months, we’ve had Up and Vanished playing in the car and it’s been really really interesting to hear how the story of Tara Grinstead’s disappearance has unfolded.  We’re two episodes away from finishing and Joey recently asked me if we have to go back to talking to each other when it’s over.  “No, silly, that’s when we start listening to Christmas music!”

Up First

Apparently, I only listen to podcasts that have “up” in the title?  NPR does this short little daily podcast and it’s nice to get the headlines of the day in a clear and concise way.

Little Green Cars

I pulled them up on Spotify and gosh am I into it.  I’ve forever loved “My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me,” but “Ok Ok Ok,” “Good Women Do” and “Big Red Dragon” are also very very good.

Tell me what you’ve been listening to lately 🙂

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