Thursday Night Highlights

Last night, Joey and I had ourselves a perfect little date night.  It started with happy hour/dinner at Euclid Hall, a place we’d known of and had heard good things about for YEARS.  I don’t know what was keeping us from going but I’m left with this “we’ve wasted so much time!” feeling that I get every time we go someplace and discover it IS as good as everyone said.


Highlights: The Itsy Bitsy Fishwich (say that five times fast!), beef short rib kielbasa, Telluride Russell Kelly Pale Ale and that warm and cozy feeling of sitting inside a restaurant dressed up in holiday lights.  It’s the very best and I’m sure to be back soon!


As for the actual show, it was really good!  Hard to beat Catherine Zeta Jones and the movie version, but I was surprisingly enthralled by “We Both Reached for the Gun” and the whole courtroom scene.  The women who played Velma and Roxie were obviously seasoned veterans and performed the roles so well.  I’m going to have “The Cell Block Tango” stuck in my head the rest of the day, for sure!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend — I know I’ve already started mine on a good note!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Highlights

  1. Euclid Hall is the #1 spot Jordan and I miss in Denver! PLEASE do me a favor and order “Chips and Dip” next time you are there–I often ordered it for my whole meal because I didn’t want to share it. Glad you finally went!

    • We had SUCH a hard time deciding what to order because we wanted everything. “Chips and Dip” was definitely in the running so we’ll order that next time!

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