Weekend Things



Had dinner at Biker Jim’s!  My mom dropped her hot dog out of the bun, onto the floor and I was about to cut her off but then she was only drinking soda.

Family Rockies Game!  My aunt told my mom she wasn’t likely to see a win, but HA! Aunt Trica, you were wonderfully wrong 😛

Ate a mini Chantilly back at our place!  We each ate a piece then stood around our kitchen island eating the one single piece that was left.  It was truly the best ♥




Pancakes!  Honey and Oat, to be exact.

Took our pup on a long walk + pulled 3 squash!  He — and we — lasted a whole 45 minutes and it felt so nice and refreshing.

Peyton is 1!  It’s a lot of pressure to have to perform a cake smashing in front of a group of people.

Rockies Game (again)!  One of our suppliers gave us tickets and the seats were SO GOOD!  I maybe also had beer and baseball stadium pizza for dinner.  Gotta know when to lower your standards.  We won again!



Brunch!  I go through phases where I desperately want to be a brunch person, but then there’s that thing where we always wake up early and I’m not about to wait till 10 AM to eat.  We slept in on Sunday, so brunch it was!  Candela‘s chilaquiles are seriously my favorite ♥

Sunday stuff!  Aka a quick trip to Whole Foods before walking over to get a pedicure at Base Coat, then coming back home to pressure cook some beans and start lunch for the week.  (Also, Rockies won again!  Sweep!)

Yoga!  I hadn’t been to Sunday afternoon yoga in far too long and was really really missing it.  It was just as relaxing and energizing as I’d hoped it would be and I’m really glad I made time to go.

Summer Chipotle Chicken Cobb Salad!  You can probably tell from the pictures, but the whole weekend was semi-cool and overcast — a glimpse of fall during summer is always okay with me — but it was just nice enough to grill some chicken and corn for this salad.

Hope your weekend was good!

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