This Week

I made Izy’s Falafel Smash and loved every fluffy pita bite.


I sold my old car!  Peace out, Little Corolla, it’s been real.


I bottled a Lemon-Basil kombucha and can’t wait to find out how it tastes.


I started a new book.


I went to a Rockies game.


I drank a post-yoga beer.


I made BLT wraps for dinner and ate outside.


I reflected on how the summer has been so far.  In a word, GREAT!  I’ll be the first to admit I like to do ALL THE THINGS and can sometimes take on more than I can handle and worse, not realize it until I’m in the thick of things.  I vividly remember feeling so so burnt out by early July last year and here we are at the end of July and I feel energized and happy and fulfilled.  At least much more so than I have in summers past.  I mean, I’m probably still doing LOTS OF THE THINGS, just not ALL.  This is a win!

In other news, today is my dear sweet mother’s birthday and we are eating hot dogs at Biker Jim’s then going to the Rockies game.  I cannot wait!

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