Super Bowl Weekend Things

Happy Monday! Super Bowl weekend sure is weird when you don’t attend the party you’ve been going to for years and years, but we made up for it with too much dip for two people, baby football outfits and more wings than we could finish. Also, that Michael B. Jordan-Alexa commercial was too good! Let me show you what else we did this weekend.

Another week, another batch of scones from my mom. This one had dried cherries, dark chocolate and pecans, yum!

My sis came over and she is a baby whisperer because she got this nap-fighter to sleep! In fact, she got him into that DEEP sleep, where you can put them down in their crib and they don’t even notice. She sent me that first picture and told me “I brushed his hair to the side so he looks more dignified.” HA HA! Love seeing my sis with that little baby 🙂

We weren’t feeling any of the leftovers we had in the fridge, so we decided to order Ginger Pig! Everything sounded good, so we ordered way too much food — eggrolls, cheeseburger fried rice (OMG!), pork noodles and Korean fried chicken. Plus cocktails, of course. That fried rice was insane. I’ve never had a Big Mac before but Joey assured me that rice tasted exactly like one. Dempsey was still sleeping halfway through dinner but when we saw him waking up on our nursery camera, we both sprinted upstairs to get him, we missed him so much 🙂

Finished the night with The Little Things and ugh, Rami was SO miscast. And Jared Leto was funny?? I think I was too distracted by those two performances that Denzel’s felt overshadowed. Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but certainly not the best either.

Love seeing this smiley baby in the morning 🙂 All week, he’d been sleeping from 9 PM-3 or 4 AM, then he’d still be sleeping when we woke up in the morning and it was SO nice. His Friday night sleep wasn’t quite as good, but he was still all smiles in the morning. Joey took him downstairs and then I came down a bit after and made us lemon ricotta waffles. I made that mini waffle for Andi and I seriously have no memory of feeding it to him. Did I eat it??

Dempsey napped on Joey while we ate breakfast and watched TV and look! His new trick is sucking his thumb and it’s seriously the cutest thing! Especially when he does it while he has his pacifier in his mouth, ha. After he woke up, he practiced another new trick of trying to sit up. He can’t actually do it unsupported, but dang, he sure keeps trying. Any time we have him laying in his Boppy, he raises his head and legs in the air and that abdominal strength sure is impressive!

Once he was back down for a nap, Joey and started playing Monopoly. “If I lose all my money, can I be done playing?” is a real thing I asked prior to starting because I’m legitimately the least competitive person alive. A little bit later, we paused our game so I could head into Louisville to see my dad. My neck was SO messed up all last week and my back has just generally hurt for a while, so he worked on both and I feel so much better now. Plus it was nice to spend some time with my dad 🙂 Got to briefly see my mom on my way out and she introduced me to her client as “Dempsey’s mom,” ha!

Leftovers and Malcolm & Marie to end the night. I really like some things about this movie — it looked cool (that big tree in the black and white moonlight!) and JDW and Zendaya were GREAT — but I was semi-bored/annoyed with that plot. How good did that mac and cheese look, though??

Please ignore that baby drool 😛 We were planning to pick up breakfast at Onefold but there we were awake at 6:30 AM and their 8 AM opening time seemed so far away, so we loaded up the baby and headed first to Black Eye for coffee — they had a honey rose latte special that I had to have! — then Huckleberry for coffee beans and Bonfire breakfast burritos. They accidentally gave us two bacon instead of one bacon and one chorizo and they weren’t quite as crisp as they probably are when they come straight from the griddle, but they were good! Would you look at that cute football onesie?? I had two other moms tell me their sons were in the exact same outfit 🙂

Who knows where the rest of the day went! Between baby naps, we managed to do some chores and get our Super Bowl spread together. I did miss being at Darron and Karla’s party, but it was fun cooking for ourselves. We made guac and jalapeno popper bean dip, that Joey didn’t love but I did! Then after we’d eaten way too much of that, we pulled ham and cheese sliders and wings out of the oven. We bought sauces from Fire on the Mountain earlier in the week and used this method for baking the wings and we both thought they were really good! Who knows what even happened in the game but I liked all those dancers on the field during “Blinding Lights” and I maybe had to hold my hand in front of Dempsey’s eyes so he would go to sleep instead of watching the TV.

Please tell me how your weekend was 🙂

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