Weekend Things

We had a gooooood weekend and I hope you did too! It felt extra nice after the disaster of last weekend. We saw my sis, ate lots too many good things, watched all the movies and to top it all off, we celebrated Dempsey’s four month anniversary and guys, he rolled over!!! It was wild. Joey and I also left the house sans baby on Sunday, but more on that later 🙂

Friday started with a bacon, egg and cheese for me and later my sis came over and Dempsey was right in the middle of a very long nap, go figure! He is generally a very short napper so it felt nice but we all missed him! For dinner, we pulled out leftovers but we also made cocktails from this awesome kit Hannah and Josh got us for Christmas. It was so good but also STRONG. Watched Palmer that night and look, I am honestly not at a space in my life where I feel good about celebrating Justin Timberlake, but Joey really wanted to watch so I said okay. It was actually pretty good! The plot was a bit formulaic — man betters himself by having to take care of a child — but it was sweet and I thought the scene between the boy and his mom toward the end of the movie was pretty moving.

Dempsey and Joey got up before me on Saturday but I came down and made us blueberry buttermilk waffles and YUM. I think we tried to hang up a rod and curtains in the nursery about five times but every time we’d try, Dempsey would suddenly be yawning and looking very tired. We did eventually get them up though and I think it’s helping to keep it dark up there during nap time. Twice on Saturday, he took a loooong nap. I ran out of things to do at one point! Also, our little love turned 4 months old that day and we took some monthly photos and then took him downstairs for tummy time and he proceeded to roll over! We could not believe it! He was just laying there on his elbows and wasn’t even rocking or anything and then over he went! It was great timing because I was sitting on the floor with him while Joey did some work but on his way back from the printer, he sat down on the floor with us and that happened to be when he rolled. He’s done it a few more times since then but not consistently.

We have started to “put the baby to sleep” in his crib at night so we can maybe watch TV with the sound up higher than a whisper and be able to get up from the couch (ha!) instead of just holding him all night and though we had to go upstairs a couple of times to put him back to sleep when he started to rouse, we were able to watch a whole movie by ourselves?! Felt nice! We rented Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar and as soon as that little boy started lip-syncing in the opening scene, I was sold! A very silly but very funny movie for sure. I love Kristen Wiig! Oh and I made us pizza for dinner and it was the first time I’d made our skillet pizza in the new house. This oven goes much higher than our last one so the crust got a little toastier than I’d expected but it was still very good.

Dempsey woke up super early on Sunday so Joey took him downstairs and I slept a little more. By the time I woke up, it was time for him to take a nap. That’s always the saddest timing, to be honest! I ordered us Onefold while Joey put him to sleep and it took SO LONG to show up. Ugh. But it tasted very very good. Joey’s new favorite thing is to prop Dempsey up and I think he likes it a lot too! Around 11, Lori came over to babysit because WE WENT TO A MOVIE! Please no judgment because I tried to do some movie theater safety research beforehand and it was feeling very necessary for our mental health to both leave the house and have some alone time that wasn’t filled with work. Also, we waited until right before to buy the tickets so we could make sure the theater wouldn’t be too full. In other news, Nomandland is very very good. It’s sad and sort of lonely but just incredibly beautiful and so interesting. Frances McDormand is just amazing and I think almost all the rest of the cast were real non-actor people. Chloe Zhao got some BEAUTIFUL performances out of them. We loved it!

Spent the rest of the day cuddling a baby, doing some chores and feeling pretty relaxed 🙂

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