Weekend Things

Eating good, sleeping good, feeling good! That’s how I’d sum up our weekend because we had really good take out, made a really good salmon dish, ate really good wings and… moved Dempsey into his own room! I was really really trying to hold out until the six month mark but I’m such a light sleeper and I felt like WE kept waking HIM up if we rolled around early in the morning. No one likes being up at 6 AM on the weekend! It’s only been three nights but it has gone SO WELL. I’m so proud of him!

This little boy has been a hoot lately! He wants our drinks, our bowls, our phones and he wants them NOW! In preparation for feeding him solids (hopefully at six months), we’ve been sitting him in his highchair when we eat dinner and I gave him an empty bowl and cup to entertain himself with but he definitely still wanted Joey’s beer, ha ha. Also, we ordered from FNG and I really really dig that place. Drinks and entrees were amazing! After we put Dempsey to bed, we queued up The Father and even though I was making fun because we always have to have that one Best Picture nominee that’s about an old person, I kind of liked the movie. It was almost thriller-esque in the way it was formatted and Anthony Hopkins is just so good.

I wasn’t planning to but as we were going up to bed around 11 on Friday, Dempsey woke up crying, so I fed him one last time and then he went right back to sleep in his crib and slept until 7:30 AM when we got up!!!! What a good baby! Needless to say, we were all in happy moods that morning. We made some banana waffles for breakfast and they tasted so metallic and I could not figure it out. Later on I asked Joey if he maybe put baking SODA instead of baking powder and he did. Oops!

The rest of the morning involved outdoor runs for both Joey and I (separately, of course) and lots and lots of smiles from that sweet standing boy. Have I mentioned I love him??? I’m at a point where I can finally make it through my run without walking. Now about increasing my mileage or speed… Ate a vegan roasted veggie bowl for early lunch then headed into Louisville to see my mom for a massage. “Your poor back” is a real thing she said to me and TELL ME but it was so nice to see her and get some relaxation time. Dempsey was just going down for what ended up being a two hour nap when I got home. Joey got to work outside, which I know is his happy place, and I got to watch an episode of Run BTS, which is absolutely my happy place.

After my post-massage shower, we took Dempsey and Andi for a walk then made salmon with horseradish-mustard sauce and Brussels sprouts for dinner. SO GOOD! We had a little play time in the nursery after dinner and Joey was helping “Demsy Thou” spell his name which is absolutely not how his name is spelled! We read him a bedtime story — and by that, I mean we read ourselves a few pages of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and I promise to read more baby appropriate books by the time he can understand anything we’re saying — then went downstairs and watched Whiplash (we hadn’t seen it since we saw it in the theater and it holds up!) and some of SNL even! I did NOT feed Dempsey before we went to bed so he was up and hungry at 3 AM but then went right back to sleep until 7:30 AM again.

Good morning, sweet baby! Fed Dempsey, then fed ourselves. Sassafras is SO fast when you order take out and I love that! Got an order of beignets that really made me wish we were going to New Orleans like my mom and sister are in May. It’s going to be so fun to take Dempsey some day! I spent too long wondering how they make those chicken fried eggs too. Dempsey was yawning and rubbing his eyes at the table so Joey swooped him upstairs for a nap and then he proceeded to just lay in his crib smiling and babbling to himself?? Too funny but then by the time he fell asleep he’d been awake for so long and I think it set us up for a series of short naps and an overtired baby for the rest of the day.

My sis and Wayne came over that afternoon and we sat outside for a bit then went on a long walk around the lake with Dempsey in the baby carrier and he seems to enjoy it so much more now that he can face outwards! We hadn’t seen Wayne in so long! As soon as they left, Dempsey decided to become lively and smiley, go figure! Made oven-roasted wings for dinner and finally finally used up the last of the sauce I over-bought for the Super Bowl. We’ve been putting Dempsey down for bed later since A) he can be awake longer now and B) it’s lighter longer, so we have more playtime with him post dinner and it’s been SO FUN. I put him to bed solo since Joey had a fantasy baseball draft and then we watched an episode and a half of Boardwalk Empire (Season 3, Episode 11 and I was NOT prepared for how it started!!!) and I went upstairs to feed Dempsey and go to bed myself while Joey stayed up to work late 😦 Just endlessly amazed at how easily the transition into his own room has gone for Demps! Though he was awake at 6 AM this morning, eek!

This week is a busy but exciting one with a retirement party for one of our employees, Opening Day, Joey’s birthday and Easter. Here we go!

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