Weekend Things

Hello from another snowy morning in Colorado. Joey told me he’s okay with a few days of nice weather and a few days of wet weather but I am just ready for only nice weather, please! We did have a nice warm day on Saturday, so we took full advantage with lunch al fresco and a long afternoon walk. More please!

Friday morning, Joey and Dempsey went to Huckleberry to get us some more coffee beans and to pick up a latte for me 🙂 We were on our own that day but managed to make it through. I gotta say, even though it’s helpful to have grandparents here taking care of him during the week, it’s also hard to just be downstairs. We made black and blue steak salad with mini baked sweet potatoes for dinner and while I was finishing up, Joey made us some killer cocktails. They had a little bit of whipped cream on top, YUM! We started Spirited Away that night and only made it about halfway through (how come the baby is sleeping through the night but we’re somehow still always tired??), so more on that later 🙂 P.S. See how Dempsey is practicing his standing up?!

Saturday = Happy 5 Months to our little lovey!!! I can’t believe it! I feel like the 6 month mark is going to bring big changes (sleeping in his own room maybe?? trying solids!), so I’m savoring this month for sure! We’ve been waiting for the right timing (aka when Dempsey sleeps past 6 AM) to go to Stowaway and it worked out finally. We had lemon cake for breakfast appetizer and Demps was as chill as could be the whole time. He fit in a shorty nap when we got home before the CU Buffs game. We ate lunch outside and then I headed into Louisville to see my dad because my neck was so messed up! It feels way way better now 🙂

Back at home, we took a nice long walk and delivered some cookies to the neighbor who helped dig my sis out of the snow last weekend. Had a 5 month photo shoot afterward then put Dempsey down for his last nap of the day and he always super fights that one!!! We ordered Park Burger for dinner and “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” It was so good though! Once the baby was down for the night, we finished our movie and guys, I LOVED IT!!! So whimsical, so heartwarming, so totally weird. I was shocked that it wasn’t subtitled?? Just very obsessed with “Sen” yelling everything at the beginning of the movie. “CAN YOU GIVE ME A JOB?!” I already want to watch it again!

Do you see that bright-eyed baby?! He’s a morning boy for sure and I love it so much! He and Joey hung out while I made us some strawberry cornmeal pancakes that turned out really really good. Dempsey’s nap schedule was A MESS all day and it’s always so stressful. Not because we want a good chunk of time to ourselves but because he progressively gets more and more tired as the day goes on and it’s sad to see. Poor baby! Somehow I fit in granola making (I hadn’t made any since before I got pregnant!) and an outdoor run and Joey managed to clean our bathrooms, do the laundry and work a little bit. We put Dempsey down for the night and he woke up an hour later so I held him on the couch for the rest of the night and by the time we went up to bed, he was OUT!!! Part of me was stressed that he woke up when he was supposed to be sleeping but holding him is also the best feeling ever.

It’s spring now, can you believe it?? How was your weekend?

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