Weekend Things

Hello and good morning from spring in Colorado. Aka we’ve had a handful of warm, perfect weather days and now we’re launching into a week of cool temperatures. Whyyyyy? Also, guys, I am impatiently awaiting the time when Dempsey grows out of 30-minute naps. I thought we had made real strides in the past couple of weeks but WOOF, this weekend was rough. It’s not that I want more time to myself, it’s that he wakes up still tired and then we end up in an endless loop of trying to put him down for a nap where he actually gets enough sleep. The good news is, he’s perfect and I love him so much, 30-minutes naps and all! And we still had a really really great weekend!

A Friday morning photo and a Friday night photo, respectively. We ordered burgers from Park Burger because we had a free beer coupon and because burgers always sound good! Demps proceeded to knock every one of his “toys” off the table and then played with the ketchup and mustard packets. Put him down for bed and queued up Top Chef, then the Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts. We didn’t make it all the way through, but ugh, why do they always have to be so sad??

Sorry for those first two blurry photos, but it was both 6 AM and this baby boy doesn’t like to stay still. He did seem to enjoy my contacts sample box though! Downstairs, I made us some suuuuper seedy waffles (love a texturally complex recipe, TBH) and Dempsey “helped” Joey file his nails and then I headed out to do something I hadn’t done since February 2020! Got a professional mani/pedi! I was super excited for some human interaction that wasn’t Joey (no offense, Joey!) but then the whole experience was sort of depressing. There were very few other people in there and NO ONE was talking to each other. I suddenly wasn’t sure if we were even encouraged to conversate so then I also didn’t talk to my nail tech and it just felt sad. At least my nails look good!

After my mani, we had to go pick up our Chipotle GrubHub order because there were no drivers available and that’s the second time in two weeks that that has happed… By the time I got home, it was a late lunch and baby boy was on his FOURTH nap already, ugh! We did get a chance to finish the shorts though and my favorite one was The Snail and the Whale, which actually isn’t even nominated, go figure! Demps slept till 5:10 and woke up just in time for our evening plans with Steve and Lorna. Dempsey keeps crying when Grandpa Steve holds him and I don’t know what that’s about but he had gotten over it by the end of the night. We picked up Spuntino for dinner and feasted outside. Gosh I love Spuntino so much! I excused myself early to go feed and put Dempsey to sleep and check it out, he’s started to sit up on his own!!! Though he did fall over right after I took this picture 🙂 He went down easy peasy and then everyone got to chat downstairs for a bit. After Steve and Lorna left, we wathced an episode of Shameless (trying to binge this final season now that it’s all over, wahhh) and the beginning of SNL even!

Guys, do you see that sweet sweet smiley baby??? I love him!!!! Joey cropped me out of that photo, which is RUDE, but I forgive him because he got that perfect shot of Dempsey 🙂 We ordered The Noshery for breakfast and I swear Joey’s scramble came with potatoes and toast last time! We finished SNL after and Bowen Yang is a national treasure.

We’ve been trying to take Dempsey over to Joey’s grandparents’ for weeks and were finally able to make it happen! He was a happy boy (despite his 30-minute nap) and it was the very sweetest and best to see him smiling up at his great grandparents 🙂

Had Caesar salads for dinner then put Dempsey down for bed and had dessert while we watched another epi of Shameless. I came across this Italian Carrot Cake and though I didn’t actually have an occasion to make it, do you every really need an occasion for dessert? I say no! Also, the recipe said to let it sit for 12 hours and to that, we also said no! It was so so good. I served up a piece to my mom today and she concurred. That’s a win!

Happy Monday!

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