This Week

I made carrot cake baked oatmeal! What is it about spring that makes me only want to eat carrot cake-flavored things?? Italian carrot cake, carrot cake baked oatmeal, carrot cake waffles/pancakes. I know I have a carrot cake overnight oat recipe someplace but I’ll wait until it’s not 40 degrees to break that one out. As for the baked oatmeal, tastes like a delicious cobbler almost?? I love it!

The house my mom grew up next to is for sale, so when she sent me the listing, I asked if you could see her house in the pictures. She pulled up the street view and showed me the very house she lived in as a child. Built in 1900! I so loved seeing where she grew up and hearing her memories of the house. She had aunts, uncles, grandparents, a family bar and her dentist all on the same street too, so how cool is that??

Have I mentioned I’m going into the office one day a week?? Okay, it’s just a half day, but feels nice to socialize with my co-workers again and be out of the house for just a bit. This also means I’m pumping and man do I find it boring and time-consuming, but this is the only time I’m going to complain because women who work full time out of the house have it way way worse. You guys are my heroes!

I feel like I need a paragraph on Dempsey but what do I say other than HE’S PERFECT, I LOVE HIM, ALL THE HARD PARTS ARE TOTALLY FINE AND WORTH IT BECAUSE HE’S THE SMILIEST AND THE BEST?? Also, he just sits up now?? That happened so fast. And okay, he’s not all the way there but he’s doing so good! Oh and my mom nonchalantly texted me yesterday saying “He rolled over.” Maybe it’s because I had been telling him, “Do not make me tell your pediatrician you’re still not rolling at your six month appointment!” 🙂 He loves standing, he loves his Rockies bat, he loves when I loudly say “MAMA” to him (for real, I get thee biggest smiles!) and he loves when Daddy holds him high up in the air. He is just the best!

We tore through the last season of Shameless this week and man oh man did the quality of this show deteriorate. Every character seemed to have a new plotline every episode and they even introduced a new character in the penultimate episode?? It lost it’s timeless feel, it’s stakes and it’s strongest character by the end. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it used to be! I was at once relieved it was all ending and hit with this overwhelming sadness to see a show that we’ve been watching for TEN YEARS end.

I am so dreaming of a post-vaccination vacation! The logistics of traveling with a baby (where do they sleep? do you have to bring a car seat? what if they need several naps a day?) are intimidating to me, but traipsing around with a cute baby and showing him new sights (watching him look at and take in things is seriously so fun!) sounds amazing! Where should we go and when can it be?!

I’ve also been thinking about all the things that have slipped through the cracks because of COVID. For instance, we moved and bought a treadmill and now I’ll never go back to the rec center we used to work out at and I’ll never see all the other 6 AM exercisers again. That is just so so strange and sad in a way. I am excited to re-enter normal life but maybe also not ready to confront all the ways this pandemic has changed us.

sNOw thank you! I keep having to remind myself of all the snowy Mother’s Days we’ve had because, in my mind, we should be DONE with snow by now. But no, it started coming down mid-Thursday and is still lightly falling now. I guess we (and the dog and the stroller) are in for another weekend. And we even had Saturday night Rockies tickets (that Joey seems to think we’re still using…)! Oh well, hunkering down with a cute baby ain’t so bad 🙂

Please tell me about your week and have a good (and hopefully warmer than us) weekend!

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