Weekend Things

Good morning. Today already feels heavy, with super gloomy skies outside and closing arguments of the trial of Derek Chauvin on the TV, but I am trying to keep the faith and remain optimistic. How was your weekend? Ours was momentous because Joey and I had an honest to God date night for the first time since Dempsey was born (but also since way before that because we took quarantine pretty seriously all of last year)!!!! Felt good. AND… Dempsey finally finally finally gave us a real laugh. Worth the wait!

Joey was on a Friday afternoon run, so I entertained Dempsey with… a La Croix can?? He has so many real toys but all he wants is tags and cans. I maybe taped over the top, so he couldn’t cut himself on the opening. Ha! Joey dressed him up for dinner and we ate a real good quiche that had lots of fresh herbs and feta in it. After Dempsey went to bed, we started the Live Action Oscar-Nominated Shorts. Made it through all but the last one before I was ready to fall asleep on the couch, but I was so moved by “Feeling Through,” the story of a chance meeting between a homeless young man and a deaf and blind man. So sweet 🙂

Um Dempsey’s new thing is to wake up at 5 AM and that is a huge NO. I’ve tried to do some research and he’s either going to bed too early or going to bed too late, so that’s helpful. I think maybe he just wanted me to be able to catch the end of Bang Bang Con 21! Last April, BTS streamed past concerts in full on YouTube for two days and good lord, was it thrilling to watch, but that was back when pregnancy insomnia and no baby to take care of during the day made it easy to watch something taking place over night. I caught the end of the first concert when I randomly woke up at 1:30 AM and then got to watch the second half of the third concert when Demps woke up. Guys, I don’t need coffee, I just need to wake up and watch the “Dope,” “Silver Spoon,” “Fire,” “Idol” medley from the São Paulo concert. I’m so sad it’s over! Joey made us lemon buttermilk pancakes so we could watch the end 🥰 He also snapped THEE CUTEST pic of Dempsey. Do you even see that sweet face?! Later on, I was holding him on the couch and making funny noises and he was legitimately laughing! It was the world’s best sound!

Our date night started with my sis and Wayne coming over to babysit and then we gave them some instructions and off we went! We hit a 4:45 PM showing of Nobody and um, THAT MOVIE RULES! Bob Odenkirk is the best and I was delighted to find out Christopher Lloyd was in it and he’s still got it! Also, more movies with an hour and half run time, please. We realized Friday night that we probably should have made a dinner reservation ahead of time and then we couldn’t find anyplace that had any openings, oops! We decided to try our luck at Cart-Driver and they quoted us an hour and a half!! We called/walked around to a few other places, then decided we’d just wait and lo and behold, our table was ready ten minutes later. We sat at the bar, ordered drinks, spicy Brussels sprouts, two pizzas and only peeked in at Dempsey a few times 🙂 Seemed like he was well-behaved for his babysitters and he was sound asleep when we got home. A successful date night, indeed!

Up at 4:30 AM!!!! But I was able to get him to go back to sleep until 6:30 AM at least. We got a casual breakfast from Huckleberry, then chilled out for a bit. Joey went on a run and I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms while Dempsey napped, then I headed out to get my hair cut. My gal has three kids, so she knows and could relate to all the things we’re experiencing with Dempsey right now. Always fun to chat with another mother and feel so understood 🙂 Back at home, we had a relaxing rest of the day. Dempsey made it from 4:25-7 PM when we put him to bed! I love spending a good chunk of time with him and it’s only going to get better as he’s able to stay awake longer, yay! Guys, he’s going to be 6 months old tomorrow. How???

Please take care!

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