Labor Day Weekend Things

Whew, nothing like a three day weekend to make you feel nice and rested and then jumping straight back into the work week and already feeling a day behind! Plus you have to spend the first half of the day chatting with your co-workers about their weekends, right?? In other words, I have too many things to share and not enough time, so I’ll get right to it 🙂

Usual Friday morning walk to Tennyson, followed by breakfast at home. Dempsey is hit or miss with egg, but I put some goat cheese on his morning scramble and he gobbled it right up. Would you expect anything less from me than raising a Foodie Baby™? 😉

Half of our Friday plans got cancelled — “LOVE when plans get cancelled!” is a real thing this serious homebody said — but we still got to take Joey’s grandparents, Lori and Dempsey to Little Man for ice cream ❤ Joey’s grandma had been wanting to do that all summer long, so I was super happy we finally made it happen. Demps got a little taste of Grandma’s peach cobbler ice cream, that lucky boy! Afterward, Lori stayed for burger dinner and how cute is that teensy burger for Dempsey?? Unfortunately a well done burger slider is a bit crispy and he didn’t have the easiest time eating it but he seemed just as happy with his back up dinner of chicken and polenta 😊

Guys, this (note the time and it happened again at 4:30 AM!), and fighting naps and waking up super early and crying when we put him to bed, are common occurrences in the past week and a half. Plus random bouts of insomnia for Joey and I have me straight desperate to sleep through the night. I know it’s just a phase, but dang, I’m tired 🥱 But anyway, we soldier on! Meaning Joey and I BOTH went on a run TOGETHER on Saturday morning! We hadn’t done that since May of 2020! It was so nice and I’d yet to run with the stroller, so that was a cute and fun experience! Afterward, I made us all pancakes, then headed into Louisville to see my mom for a massage. She asked if there was anything in particular I wanted her to work on and I think I said “just like my brain and my overall mental health” 😂 She really did do wonders for those things and my back too, though!

Post-massage, I zipped over to our office to semi-interrupt the live fantasy football draft that was going on to pick up Dempsey. Imagine, I walked into the conference room and there he was in his highchair at the head of the table and when he looked up and saw me, he pointed at me and gave a big smile. Melted straight into a puddle on the floor over that moment 🥰🥰🥰 I let him finish his lunch, then whisked him off toward home. We played for a little, then I put him to sleep for what ended up being a decently long nap. I was able to get my bearing and clean up a few things, then get a good head start on dinner. Just what everyone wants when it’s 90 degrees out… soup! After Joey was back home and we had all eaten dinner, we took our family walk and Joey and Demps held hands on the way back ❤❤❤

I think Dempsey slept good on Saturday night but I was tossing and turning? Who can really remember at this point. I made us my favorite non-pancake/waffle breakfast of slow scrambled eggs, toast and bacon 🤤 Dempsey and I checked in on our watermelon and our “Creeping Jenny” and we all hung out in the upstairs hallway while Joey started installing the baby gate (it’s time!) and then I made myself lunch and headed out for a haircut. Between the time it takes to drive to and back from an appointment, plus the time the actual appointment takes, I always feel like the day is lost but I made it back home just in time to feed Dempsey and kiss him goodbye before Steve and Lorna whisked him off to Boondocks (where they were attending another kiddo’s birthday party) and then Joey and I started our date night in celebration of our wedding anniversary ❤

First up, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I’ll be honest, between general Marvel fatigue and just no familiarity with the Shang-Chi character, I wasn’t super excited to see this but I’m in too deep to miss any of these movies now, so we went and… WE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!! It was so funny (Zach Cherry during the bus fight had me literally laughing out loud!), so emotionally grounded, so darn beautiful and the story was easy to follow. We were pretty blown away! After the movie, we headed to Root Down for dinner and we hadn’t eaten there in soooo long. It was all amazing. Got the strawberry shortcake bombe to end the meal and we wolfed it down! Between the movie and the meal, it was just such a great celebration of our seven married years ❤

Dempsey was maybe still awake when we got back home at 9 😬 I think he just wanted to see Mom and Dad before bed 😋 Sounded like he had a fun evening and even got his first balloon! He went right to sleep after they left, so it was no big deal.

Sunday, Labor Day and our actual anniversary, was so nice and relaxing. Joey went out for a run, so I did the easy thing and ordered Snooze delivery. Turns out Dempsey loves hash browns! Joey got me that bouquet of flowers and Dempsey threw his pacifier in it 😂😂😂 The rest of the day was spent doing random little chores around the house. My parents stopped by to say hi and give us one last bag of peaches, an anniversary card and a little Chantilly cake. Joey and I even both snuck in naps. Highlight of the day, was wing dinner! Nothing like NOT firing up the grill and just having the oven one for two hours on Labor Day, right?? Anyway, those wings were SO GOOD!

Happy Tuesday!

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