Weekend Things

Dempsey and I were on our own this weekend and it was the best! Joey was up in Breckenridge skiing for a few days, leaving me to care for the little guy all on my own. I’ve never even been on my own for a single night, so the prospect of three nights (in the midst of one of Dempsey’s worst runs of nighttime sleep ever) made me nervous, but go figure, he was on his best behavior and slept like a total champ. We had so much fun! We’re glad to have Joey home though πŸ™‚

Thursday was a breeze because my parents watched him all day then stayed and had dinner with us and Friday was easy too because Lori came and picked him up in the morning, then I worked from home (it was eerily quiet!) and picked him back up at 4:30. He played, ate a burger and played some more, then a fun bath time and right to bed, easy peas-y. I watched the Opening Ceremony after he went to bed and someone remind me what these ceremonies were like before these projector floors were invented??

I had to wake this guy up on Saturday morning because he was sleeping in so long! He helped me make pancakes and cut them into cute shapes, then wanted nothing to do with them when we sat down at the table. He’s been on a pancake/waffle strike for a few weeks and I hope it ends soon because Joey and I looooove making them on the weekends. He chased the world’s smallest feather around for a while afterward, then got tired and sat down to watch some of the Olympic coverage πŸ˜‚

We took a quick trip to the library later on and then he walked around in the snow for a bit. He is very into picking it up and crumbling it πŸ˜‚ Back at home, he had a snack then went down for his nap. Remember when I said we were back to two naps? I lied. We had a couple of days in a row where he skipped that second nap altogether so we’re back to one and it’s actually been going really well! He’ll sleep 2.5 hours usually. Weird to have lunchtime to ourselves again but also kind of nice. I ate on the couch, then watched some ski jumping and finished my book. I read Me Before You back in 2016 and just got around to the sequel, so I guess that means I will read the third one in 2028 πŸ˜‹

Once Demps was back up, he ate lunch, looked out the window (I know I’m biased, but he is gorgeous!), then headed out to Elliott’s third birthday party! This silly boy is a deer in headlights whenever we get someplace new or meet new people, so for the first hour of the party, he just sort of stood or sat there staring. I try not to push him and just be a safe place in all the newness till he’s ready to interact. He had a mini donut and came alive πŸ˜‚ We left around 6, had dinner and then it was off to bed for him and more Olympic watching for me.

I hadn’t slept the best Thursday or Friday night, but finally did on Saturday and didn’t open my eyes till 7 AM. Dempsey woke up shortly after and we placed an order at The Nosh from bed, then hustled over to pick it up. Had my fingers crossed Dempsey would like biscuits and gravy but he did NOT. He was plenty into egg, blueberries and cinnamon roll though!

He put his Parkway hat on all by himself 😍 We played inside, we played outside and then he went down for his nap and Joey came home shortly after. Once Dempsey was up, we did some chores but also just all hung out. I made us chili and cornbread for dinner and Dempsey seemed to like it all. I know the two adults did! So happy to have had a few days with Dempsey all to myself. I love hanging with him. He’s the sweetest and funniest ❀❀❀ Hope you all had a good weekend as well!

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