Super Bowl Weekend Things

Hello and Happy Monday! It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m feeling semi-out of it after having too much fun NOT watching the Super Bowl, but watching three crazy cute boys run around together at the Super Bowl party. I thought I was barely paying attention to the game in years past but this year takes the cake. I think I caught pieces of the half time show and not much else. Oh well! The rest of our weekend was pretty low-key. Let me show you 😊

Started Friday with pancakes for myself because we had just a tiny bit of buttermilk to use up. Selfie with my boy before Grandma Lori came to take him to the zoo. She sent us a picture of him hanging out with a monkey and it was the cutest!

My sis and I were supposed to hang out but it was snowing and neither of us seemed too keen on going out in it. Instead, we picked up Demps earlier than usual and ordered in Mexican for dinner. It’s all fun and games downing queso until 1 AM when your son wakes up crying. Ugh! Joey was up with him for a couple of hours and then he ended up in our bed for a couple more. Needless to say, it was a restless night for us all.

Demps seemed no worse for the wear in the morning but his parents were DRAGGING. Me specifically πŸ˜‚ I made Joey and I pancakes and hey, look! Our boy actually ate a little one so maybe his pancake strike is coming to an end! I got him that big boy cup with a straw at Target on Friday and he loooooves it!

The rest of the day involved coloring 😍, snuggling with our new Elmo and Cookie Monster from Grandpa Steve and Lorna and then after naps for both Dempsey and I, we took him outside with his shovel from Grandma Lori and he had SO MUCH FUN shoveling the snow!!! We were out there for an hour! Joey headed back inside to use the treadmill, so Dempsey and I took a little walk together and man is it fun to walk with him these days ❀

Joey made us cream of mushroom soup for dinner and we’ll make some modifications next time, but I rather liked it. Super quick and easy to make too! We put Demps down for bed then fired up this movie we had started Friday night before I realized how tired I already was. I thought it was really good and interesting but overall kind of sad.

After a much better night of sleep on Saturday, Joey and I both woke up before Demps. He woke up a bit later and we headed to breakfast at Sassafras. That little boy loooooves beignets and grits! And Joey and I were pretty happy with our respective meals as well. I had an 11 AM facial and Joey and Dempsey had an errand to run at 10:30, so they headed out shortly before me. Since we would be out later at the Super Bowl party, we planned to push his nap back a bit but then he fell asleep in the car on that errand run πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ That book must’ve put him to sleep! πŸ˜‚

Just some Super Bowl shenanigans! I think Dempsey enjoyed playing with all of Henry’s toys πŸ˜‚ Darron and Karla had such a good spread, per usual! Loved those spicy wings and actually, so did Dempsey (just the inside non-spicy parts though πŸ˜‰)! Mason and I played a few rounds of Crazy Eights and he wanted me to take that picture of him posing like the frog statue. Why’s he so funny?! Particularly enjoyed Dempsey wandering around with that foam sword and using it like a vacuum?? Wonder where he’s seen that? 🀣 And when all the boys climbed underneath the table and were in their own “baby restaurant.” Too much fun! So nice to be back at this party after missing it in 2020 and 2021! Demps fell asleep in the car but he was such a trooper staying up past his normal bedtime. I love him very much.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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