Weekend Things

Hi! How is your March so far? Ours has started off really good, even though it was in the upper 60s all week then snowed all weekend. Oh well! We distracted ourselves with an outing to the Butterfly Pavilion and then my sister, mom and Wayne came home from LA and we’ve adopted my mom for a few days. Having a live-in au pair is so nice πŸ˜‚β€

Picked up our Dempsey on Friday afternoon and drove straight to Chop Shop for dinner. He was fully distracted by the person sitting behind us who was wearing really colorful shoes πŸ˜‚ Bathtime and bedtime for our little love when we got home and then Joey and I watched Bergman Island. I feel like it was not to our benefit that we know NOTHING about Ingmar Bergman but I do love Vicky Krieps. I was sort of confused by the ending and Joey had to fill me in, but I did think it was very interesting.

Saturday started with lemon yogurt pancakes with blueberry sauce and judging from Dempsey’s face, I think he was a fan πŸ˜‚ I was too! What a texture on those pancakes.

I told Joey that we should probably occasionally plan to do something fun with Dempsey on the weekend instead of just always hanging around the house and threw the Butterfly Pavilion out there. Made a quick decision to go after breakfast and we had fun! Dempsey was definitely more interested in all the insects than made me comfortable and Joey totally held a tarantula 😱 Inside the pavilion, Dempsey seemed very interested in seeing the butterflies soar around but was not interested in them coming too close. I got a funny video of him flapping his hand at one, with a look of pure disgust on his face and same, bud! πŸ˜‚ Spent some time on the indoor playground and then Joey had to see how the cotton candy machine worked. Demps was definitely a fan of that!

Just had a chill rest of the day at home, then when we heard my family had landed in Denver we asked if they wanted to join us for dinner. Timing didn’t quite work out, so Joey, Dempsey and I ate on our own and then Joey picked everyone up from Union Station and I made them fresh burgers once they got to our house. They got to spend just a little time with Dempsey before he went to bed πŸ₯° They bought me Rubber Soul at a record store in LA and I’m so happy!!!! In other news, we decided to wean Dempsey from the pacifier on a whim this weekend and it’s actually been going really well. We just straight up hid them all and it’s a fun act of distraction while we put him down for naps and bed. He cried a bit on Saturday night but I think it was more tiredness than anything. My sis and Wayne hung around for a little then they headed home and my mom, Joey and I stayed up to watch the first half of SNL.

A fun Sunday with Grandma! I brought Dempsey down to my mom’s room in the morning thinking he might cuddle with her, but who am I kidding because this kid can’t stay still πŸ˜‚ We ordered breakfast from The Nosh and I’m grateful for Joey, who went out in the snow to pick it up! We amused ourselves all morning, then the adults watched Singin’ in the Rain while Demps napped (my mom had never seen it!) and when he woke back up, we made some cookies together. Kale Junkie’s “Life Changing Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies” are amazing, for the record! And then we made pasta for dinner, gave Dempsey a bath, put him to bed and watched Top Chef, which Joey and I were DELIGHTED to find out has started up again. My mom stayed the night again, since she watches Dempsey on Mondays anyway and I could get used to these sleepovers ❀ Hope you had a nice weekend too!

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