Weekend Things

What a weekend! Felt like I could really feel the transition from February to March, in terms of weather, in terms of pace, in terms of focus. I like it 😊 Also Joey and I had not one but TWO day dates?! Good for us 🥰

We’ve changed up our Friday schedules so that neither Dempsey nor our house cleaners are there, just Joey and I, and it simultaneously feels weird and nice. Joey is always trying to be super productive and I am always trying to remind him that it’s Friday. Our compromise this week was to take a real lunch break and go out. We’ve never been to Stowaway for lunch and they are busy! Finally got a table and dove into two really good plates (bowls?) of food!

Picked up our little man later on then had leftovers for dinner. Joey and I are always so tired come Friday that watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race is all we had in us.

A Saturday of nothing but also lots of things? Dempsey helped me make pancakes by sprinkling on the chocolate chips and holding the spatula with me while we flipped them ❤ We are watching the pups this week while the rest of my family is in LA, so while everyone napped, Joey and I watched Free Solo and what an interesting and terrifying documentary that is. Post-Dempsey nap, we went on a walk and made dinner. Dempsey seems to love celery root? 😂 And after he went to bed, we fired up Spencer and I have mixed feelings on Kristen Stewart’s acting but I actually thought she was amazing in this! The movie overall is kind of dull, but she was great and I loved all those scenes of her with William and Harry.

Sunday started with breakfast and then we hung out for the rest of the morning. Dempsey is really loving having Huni around and she is much more tolerant than Andi, who wants Dempsey nowhere near him and Demps and Joey were in the backyard for a bit because it was so nice outside! Dempsey was in his happy place, picking up snow, walking around with the watering can and looking through the gate. Well, until he fell 🤦‍♀️ He ate lunch and went down for his nap and Lori came over so Joey and I could spend the rest of the day at the movie theater. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know how much we love going to see the Oscar Nominated Short Films and we were SO HAPPY AND EXCITED to be back in the theater to watch them. The best ❤ I think they were somehow less depressing than usual, even though they were still pretty depressing. Nothing can be worse than the year I had to watch five short films about children dying, okay!! Could have used one straight up funny live action film in there though.

We picked up pizza on our way home and Lori stayed and ate with us and then bedtime for Dempsey and SAG time for Joey and I! Oh how I’ve missed in person award shows and without the Golden Globes this year, it felt like it’d been even longer since we’d had one. Very happy for CODA and the Squid Game crew and if every other award had gone to Andrew Garfield that would have been totally fine with me, but it was not to be. We can get it right at the Oscars, eh?? Hope you had a nice weekend!

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