Weekend Things

This weekend would have already been amazing because: Dempsey’s first steamer, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a live concert stream at 2 AM, Sunday basketball practice, The Batman and dinner with my sis and Wayne, but then Joey surprised me with tickets to see BTS in Vegas next month and there are just no words to adequately explain my level of happiness right now ❤❤❤❤

I had been dropping a lot of not too subtle hints that I wanted Joey to take me to watch the BTS concert airing in theaters on Saturday, so when I went downstairs Friday morning and found a little stack of envelopes, I figured that was going to be the big reveal but then the big reveal was way way way better because WE ARE SEEING BTS LIVE IN VEGAS!!!!!!!! Dempsey had this look of pure pure happiness and delight on his face when I realized what was happening and hugged Joey. I will never ever forget it ❤❤ The only bummer is that we were already going to Vegas two weeks later for a wedding and we’ll be leaving Dempsey with the grandparents both times and I’m going to miss him SO MUCH. But man am I excited! I pretty much figured I’d never see them live in person. I’m still in shock three days later! And I was expected to work afterward?!

Pulled it together long enough to make it through the day, then we picked Dempsey up from Lori’s, had dinner, put our sweet boy to bed and watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye. I’m not going to call this movie high art or anything, but I actually really liked it and I thought Jessica Chastain was very good! She played Tammy Faye with such sincerity and not an ounce of condescension.

Joey stumbled upon a picture of a breakfast bagel sandwich from Rye Society and we really wanted to give it a try on Saturday but they don’t open until 9! That’s too late for our early rising family, but Rosenberg’s opens at 6 and looked just as good. We all really liked our bagels and Dempsey got his first steamer and LOVED IT. We saw a bunch of traffic on our way to breakfast and realized the St. Patrick’s Day parade was that morning! We’d never been and we were already out and about, so we headed over. Dempsey mainly wanted to play with a green feather from a nearby spectator’s boa but he seemed to enjoy watching the cars drive by and was even bobbing his head to the bagpipe band that walked past us. Too cute! 💚

Little man had lunch later on and this was my first time trying to make him a pinwheel and he seemed to really like it! Not going to lie, his lunches and dinners have been sort of rough lately. I’m chalking it up to teething or just random lulls in appetite but it’s not the most fun to make stuff and then have him not eat it. This is all to say it’s extra exciting when he does like something I make 😀 He napped and we made it though 75% of House of Gucci (we finished it later that night and honestly, I thought it was so boring!) then we baked a pistachio loaf when he woke back up. Such a unique flavor and texture. I like it but I also don’t? 😂 Made caprese-style skillet gnocchi + salmon topped with pesto for dinner and I think Dempsey ate about 100 cherry tomatoes and lots of mini gnocchi too!

Joey and I were in bed super early because we were waking back up at 1:45 AM to watch the livestream of the third and final BTS concert in Korea. I don’t think Joey actually expected us to watch this and I didn’t either but as it got closer, it was really hard to pass up! They are just so amazing live and it was thrilling to watch! By the time it was over, and the with the time change, it was 5:45 AM, so we hightailed it back to bed before Dempsey had us up again. Joey got up with him around 7 (I think?) and I had meant to get up too, but next thing I knew, the clock read 8 AM!

Came down to find the boys making chocolate chip pancakes, so I’m the luckiest! We ate, hung out, started salads for the week, then headed over to the basketball court to play. Dempsey mainly wanted to pick up trash but he did seem to enjoy holding his basketball up to the net too ❤ We fed him lunch and put him down for his nap and then, at 2, my sis and Wayne came over to babysit so we could go to the movies!

What can I say except that The Batman rules? I’m never sure about Robert Pattinson. Is he a good actor or just a very committed bad actor?? But I thought he was a great Batman. Maybe not a great Bruce Wayne but I haven’t fully decided yet. And Zoe Kravitz was amazing! It was definitely disturbing, and it definitely felt 3 hours long, but we both liked it! Back at home, Dempsey was entertaining my sis and Wayne and Joey walked to pick up dinner around the block at Spice Room. We all love Indian food! They left a little before 8 and we put Demps to bed and were planning on watching Top Chef from Thursday but then the Critics Choice Awards were on and we couldn’t pass it up. So many shots of Lady Gaga in England and Andrew Garfield in person, so this telecast must have been specifically crafted for me 😂 I laughed maybe too hard at the Lifetime Achievement Award presentation for Billy Crystal. We were both tired, so we ditched out at the end.

A very good weekend indeed!!!!

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