Weekend Things

Hi! We had a good weekend, that included just one snafu, but more on that later because I’d rather talk about the happy parts 😃

Friday started with that pretty mani I got from the gal my sis has been going to. Not only did she help me pick such a good color but she filed my nails into the prettiest shape. I can’t stop looking at them 😍 Later that afternoon, Joey and I headed out to my 34 week prenatal appointment. My doctor did an ultrasound to check baby’s position and… SHE IS HEAD DOWN! Cannot tell you how relieved I feel. I was euphoric for the rest of the day! Also, we saw her hair floating around in the amniotic fluid and I cannot wait to see it when she is born. We had an otherwise quiet rest of the day. Joey and Dempsey put together the new desk for our at-home office space and I cannot get over these two look-a-likes! ❤

Oops, lacking in pictures from Saturday, but we woke up and made pancakes then spent the rest of the morning in the basement organizing stuff and checking out our baby item inventory. Dempsey seemed completely entertained by all the junk we have down there and maybe also turned the hot water heater all the way down (which we realized Sunday morning when Joey went to take a shower 😂). During his nap, I read because my book group meets tomorrow and I need to hurry up! Shortly after he woke back up from his nap, my sis and Wayne came over to babysit so Joey and I could go to happy hour and a movie for Denver Film Fest. We had a good meal at the bar of Tacos Tequila Whiskey (that Asada taco though!) then drove over to the Botanic Gardens for our showing of The Whale except that when we drove past, it looked strangely empty and dark in there and when we checked the tickets in the car, we realized the movie started at 4 and not 6 🤦‍♀️ I have no idea how we did that, but we were so bummed! Pivoted and saw The Banshees of Inisherin at the movie theater on the 16th Street Mall, which is definitely not as nice at the Botanic Gardens theater, BUT they do have concessions and reclining seats, so not the worst trade off. Bashees was very interesting! Funny and sad at the same time and such good performances from the entire cast. I liked it! Sounded like our good boy had a fun night with his two favorite people too ❤

Sunday was our sprinkle! Not going to lie, it was pretty nice to just be a guest and show up a few minutes in advance. Lori, my mom, my sister and Lauren did such an amazing job decorating the space and putting out food and games for everyone. We loved everything! Oh and my mom gave me that beautiful “sprinkle” necklace last week. I love it so much 🥰 I definitely requested that cute picture backdrop then took all of three photos in front of it. Joey and I were so mad at ourselves for not making all the guests pose with us. What were we thinking?? At least Mason and I got one together 😂❤ Otherwise, a perfect celebration! I’m never not blown away by the diaper cakes my mother-in-law puts together!!! It’s one thing to make those in the days of Pinterest, but she’s been making them a lot longer than Pinterest has been around. This one was just amazing! And we got thee cutest stuff from everyone else for baby girl. She is already so loved ❤

Joey basically spent the rest of the day removing tags and sorting stuff by size. It was quite the undertaking! Meanwhile, I made dinner and salads for the week. I gave Dempsey a little bowl of noodles to snack on while I finished dinner and I heard him yell from the next room “more noodles!” and it was my favorite. I don’t think he would touch any of this meal last time I made it, but he seemed pretty into it this time around. Even the blue cheese and walnuts! Last week, I asked Joey if our daughter would be a headband/bow wearer but I think we got our answer based on how many of those we got from everyone 😂 Dempsey seemed to like wearing some of it! After he went to bed, we watched the newest episode of The White Lotus then took ourselves to bed. A long but good day! Unfortunately, Dempsey has developed a pretty nasty cough, so pray for us that it’s just a cold and not RSV.

Happy Monday to you all!

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