Weekend Things

Hello from my phone, where I now do all my reading (Kindle app for the win!) and apparently, my blog posting. Such is life when a newborn is sleeping on you all the time and you’re doing lots of middle of the night feedings. This weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday, took a walk to the park, got a visit from the Potters, I got my haircut and we took three nights to watch a single (albeit 3-hour long) movie. Let me show you!

Friday baths for all! Well, showers for the adults but baths for the kids. I gave Lydia a bath last week and she hated every second of it but Joey gives her one and she makes not a peep?? No fair! My parents came over that night and we ordered in fried chicken from The Post and take out is good and all but it’s just never as good as eating in a restaurant, ya know? We all watched Cinderella afterward then had dessert and Dempsey just made his way from lap to lap to eat everyone’s ice cream 😂 We started RRR after Dempsey was in bed and my parents had gone home but more on that later!

A beautiful Saturday! Started with whole wheat chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and then Joey suggested we all take a walk to the park. My New Year’s resolution is to see my sister more, so we invited she and Wayne and they met us at home and walked with us 🤍 I had shed all my layers by the time we got to the park! Still a bit snowy on the playground but Dempsey didn’t seem to mind. Back at home, lunch and naps for all. We had salmon with ponzu sauce for dinner then tortured Lydia by trying her new cowboy boots on her 😂 Finally made it to the “Naatu Naatu” scene in RRR that night!

When Sunday starts with biscuits, it can’t be a bad day! Breastfeeding with Lydia has been so so easy (hallelujah!) but man is it a time commitment. I’m already the slowest member of the family to get ready in the morning and now I’m adding in a 30ish minute activity so I’m always late to or missing breakfast. It’s not forever but it is hard. We gave in and all ate breakfast on the couch so we could be together for one morning. A bit later, Jory, Betsy and Delaney came over to see Lydia. Betsy’s first time seeing her in person 🤍 And so sweet to see the girls together. I love the idea of them being good friends for the rest of their lives! I left shortly after to get a haircut and tell my stylist/therapist how deeply in love with my children I am 😋 Back at home, said children were fed and sleeping so Joey and I got salads for the week made and then didn’t know what to do with ourselves for the rest of the day. Once Dempsey was up, he helped me make more breakfast freezer sandwiches and some chocolate chip walnut oat bars. Leftovers for dinner and then after Dempsey was in bed, we watched the final hour of RRR and what a bonkers movie that is! Hard to say if it’s “good” but I did laugh a lot. Joey loved it! Wishing you all a good week 😊

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