Weekend Things

Well, it’s happened. Dempsey’s first bad night of sleep since Lydia was born and I was dreading it. Sleep deprivation with a newborn is enough without throwing a toddler into the mix but he woke up from his Sunday nap stuffy and it’s been all downhill from there. Poor Dempsey and poor Joey who was up all night with him. Wish us all luck and a speedy recovery for Demps!

Our weekend started out promisingly enough. I headed to Station 26 to pick up our Yuan Wonton order and some beer and man was it all good! SPICY, but good. Dempsey had a few bites of the less spicy stuff and more or less drank the peanut sauce that came with our chicken satay dumplings 😂 After he went to bed, we watched Aftersun and dang, what a moving and sad movie. I spent the whole movie feeling like nothing happened but the final scene is just a gut punch. Whew!

Saturday started with pumpkin brioche French toast. Always feel like my French toast skills could use some work but then it ended up tasting really good! Played around the house all morning then my sis and I had a little lunch date. Headed to Edgewater Public Market for gyros and even though it was BUSY and loud in there and the opposite of the peace and quiet I needed (quickly learning that the overstimulation of life with a baby and a toddler is INTENSE), one on one time with my sis was exactly what I needed! 🤍

Back at home, we relaxed then had an easy-peasy dinner of rotisserie chicken, wild rice and roasted cauliflower in a mayo-honey-sriracha sauce that Dempsey seriously ate four servings of. I’ve never been happier!!! Baths for both kids and then after Dempsey was in bed, we watched Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and a faux documentary about a little shell wearing shoes had no right to be as emotional or profound as it was. I thought it was so sweet and very funny.

Sunday started with take out from Sunny’s. We hadn’t been there in too long! In addition to being sick, Dempsey also got a few injuries this weekend. First, he hit his face on the trampoline handrail at his tumbling class, then in that same spot on his piano, then his nose on his guitar on Saturday. Oy! We took a morning trip to Lauren and Adam’s new place and Dempsey had fun running laps around their living room couch 😂 When we left, he said “uh oh, what happened to the pretty house?” It really is pretty! We made naan pizzas for dinner — well Dempsey and I made naan pizzas while Joey held Lydia and nervously watched the Cowboys playoff game — and why have we never done that before?? So quick, easy and the perfect toddler activity. Going to keep the leftover ingredients on hand for future lunches. The Cowboys lost, so I guess that was the real beginning of our sad Sunday. Hoping you all had better ends to your weekends!

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