Weekend Things

Hello and Happy Monday! It is somehow still January?! Maybe it’s because it’s been extra cold and snowy, but this month has felt SO long. I am ready to bid it adieu and spend the month of February on Valentine’s crafts, baking pink things and hopefully leaving the house a little more once Lydia gets her first round of shots.

This weekend was a cold but good one, with a low key Friday night at home, a Saturday kid-free (well, free of MY kids at least) outing, Sunday breakfast with our best friends and enough time left over for some chores.

Friday morning, Grandma Lori took Dempsey to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! He had a great time and I loved seeing all the pictures and videos. I’m so grateful that he has someone to get him out of the house to experience things. As a serious homebody, I aspire! I left the house myself to get a manicure and even though my nice pregnancy nails are gone, they still looked pretty good. The power of a good manicurist! 👏🏻 Made bbq chicken burgers and roasted broccoli (untouched by my toddler) for dinner, then started Triangle of Sadness after said toddler went to bed. Made it through that scene before heading to bed.

Love this baby girl but she is a LOUD sleeper! Joey has been kind enough to get up early with her a lot lately so I can get some quieter sleep. Once Dempsey and I were up, I made us some super seedy whole wheat waffles, yum! We got Demps down for his nap later that afternoon, then both grandmas showed up so one could babysit and one could go see The Sound of Music with us. This was our first time seeing anything at the PACE Center in Parker but we thought it was really well done. I’m really enjoying these smaller stage productions! There were SO MANY kids there and they were RESTLESS (a three hour show is a lot to ask of an adult, let alone children), so those parents had their work cut out for them. Once back at home, my mom, sis and Wayne stayed to have dinner with us. Ginger Pig take out to the rescue! Finished our movie after adults left and kids were asleep and hey, all grossness aside, I really really liked it! So subtly funny and Dolly De Leon ruled that final third act.

Forgot to get a picture of the super delicious breakfast burritos Hannah, Josh and the boys brought over on Sunday morning but it was so cute seeing the three kids sit at the table together and run wild while the grownups talked and held Lydia afterward. Only a few tears were had while the boys played 😂 Afterward, Demps took a nap and I, buoyed by sleeping in till 8 AM, had enough energy to throw the makings of beef stew into the crock pot and make salads for the week while Joey worked, went on a run and did laundry 💪🏻 That beef stew was the perfect dinner for a frigidly cold night, although Dempsey would only eat it when we called the beef “chicken” and the bread “donuts” 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Hope you all had a nice weekend and it’s less cold where you are!

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