Mother’s Day Weekend 2023

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day recovery to those of us with toddlers and babies, both of whom were rocking low grade fevers this weekend 😱 I think we mostly survived, but there is definitely lots of laundry that didn’t get folded and dishes that didn’t get washed and sleep that was more interrupted than usual. But still, I’m so happy to celebrate my very favorite gig of being a mom to these two crazy kids and we have had THREE babies born to close friends and family as of today. Happy Mother’s Day indeed!

Behold Dempsey’s hair on Friday morning 😍 He was a bit worn down at Grandma’s but by the time I picked him up, he seemed mostly okay. Joey was putting Lyds down for a late nap, so I took Demps to pick up wings at Fire on the Mountain with me and it was actually kind of nice going someplace with him, just the two of us. We saw a guy drop his to-go order of wings outside his car, so Dempsey wanted to tell Dad all about it when we got back. He’s also the king of getting every single bit of chicken off the drumstick 😂

Two babies cuddling in bed but one was not ready for photos 😂 Made us French toast for breakfast but I can tell Dempsey is still a little off because his appetite is low. Afterward, we made our way to Sloan’s Lake for the annual CF Walk. It was a little cloudy and cool but otherwise nice. There was a drumline at the start and Dempsey was SO mesmerized by it. Perhaps that’s why he was drumming all over stuff this morning 🤔

After his nap, Dempsey supervised Dad cleaning the floors and watched Monster’s Inc. (one of his current favorites!) and then Joey headed out for a little delayed bachelor/last hurrah before becoming a dad celebration for Adam. I got the kids fed and in bed and kerplunked myself on the couch. Let the fact that I can’t even remember if either of them went down easy or not go to show that either my brain doesn’t work right any more or those details are so fleeting that they don’t even matter 😋 Joey got home at 10:45ish and gave me a recap of the night but I was so tired, so he had to keep it brief.

A Mother’s Day whirlwind 🥰😂🤪 Lyds was up at 5:45 AM! She’s been a habitual early riser but the 5 o’clock hour ain’t it, little girl. Luckily she went back to sleep in Joey’s arms and then I woke up and it was already 7! Went into Dempsey’s room and asked if he wanted to come cuddle in Mom and Dad’s bed and he told me no 😂😂 Got the sweetest homemade gift, flowers and cards from my babies and their dad and then just complete chaos as I tried to shower while Joey got the house ready for visitors and then both of us trying not to lose our cool when Dempsey chucked a bottle of milk I had just pumped into the bathroom and spilled the entire thing 🤬 And during all of this, Lydia was absolutely losing her mind, shrieking. It was a cry I’ve never heard her do before and it was the saddest. Put her down for a nap just as everyone was showing up for breakfast. Amid all the choas, a delicious breakfast, quite the collection of flowers for all the moms, some baby talk and snuggles with my girl. Also Dempsey asking Siri to tell knock knock jokes and laughing hysterically even though I know there’s no way he got any of those 😂 Aside from Lyds not feeling well, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tried to rally in the second part of the day to get some adulting done but we were tired! Got salads made, laundry at least washed, two children napped and dinner on the table, so I’m calling it a success. Both of them took longer than usual to go down for bed and then Joey and I watched the election episode of Succession and I only dozed off a few times 😂 Hoping we all feel better and more rested this week!

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