Weekend Things

Hold on to your hats, I’ve got a lot of pictures and a lot to say!  In the name of brevity — and the fact that it’s another busy Monday morning at the office — I’m going short blurb-style for this one.


Starting the day off right with seasonal drinks (cardamom latte for me, s’more latte for him) at our favorite coffee shop // Still experiencing grilling weather in CO // First beer since GABF and man, was it good // Watched Young Frankenstein for the first time and was positively hysterical over Marty Feldman’s portrayal of Igor.


Been wanting to make these pancakes for WEEKS and they were more than worth the wait, except that I wanted my picture to look as pretty as the ones in the post and when I looked down my coconut whipped cream had slid right off // Apple season at the Union Station Farmers’ Market // Carried home a BB spaghetti squash in my bike basket // THE LEAVES RIGHT NOW!


Three years in this neighborhood and just going to Gaetano’s for the first time (it was not Roma level…) // Had to be a supportive wife and help Joey carbo-load for his half marathon // Then I introduced him to Once Bitten and wow, that movie is way worse than I remember it being // Spiced pumpkin chocolate chunk cookie from the batch I baked on Thursday night — SO GOOD!


Sunday morning, Lori and I headed downtown to watch Joey finish his race and I brought her her first ever almond milk latte which was also her first latte ever! // Joey was all nervous about finishing in his goal time of 1:45 but then totally killed it by coming in two minutes faster // So proud of him and so amazed by that fiery tree behind us // Sunday breakfast at DJ’s Berkely Cafe afterwards.


Joint 80th Birthday dinner for Joey’s grandparents at White Fence Farm // There’s farm animals to feed and it’s official — goats have thee scariest animal eyes of all time // Afterwards, Joey and I became a happy farm animal family // Family photo where everyone is perfectly posed with their eyes open?  We must be profesh or something!

In summation: PERFECT fall weather, ALL the good comfort foods, Joey being an absolute ROCK STAR and family being the BEST ♥

Best of July

Serious question.


I guess it was probably swept up in birthday celebrations, BBQs, cabin adventures, family fun and seriously more dessert than I probably ever need to eat again.  This month has been such a whirlwind of pure summer fun.  It’s my favoritest month of the year for that reason, but really, does it always have to go by so fast?  One minute it’s the 4th of July, the next, it’s the last day of the month.  Wah wah.  I guess the only thing left to do is relive the fun one last time with a little “Best of July” recap!

The month started off with a low key 4th of July — if you can call an all day bike ride “low key” — that once again reaffirmed my belief that the best things in life are free unplanned.  Spur of the moment backyard movie nights need to happen more often!


After all that low key-ness, it was time to celebrate my birthday for.ev.er!  Or so it felt 🙂  Many wonderfully thoughtful gifts, delicious dinners (REMEMBER THAT PIZZA?!), self-pampering and an overall showering of love was almost more than my heart (and stomach) could handle.  Almost.


The first Mother-Daughter Book Club meeting was a smashing success, complete with passionate book talk — um a group of ladies talking literature gives me all the feels — and an outdoor breakfast to go along with it.  Naturally 🙂


Months of excitement and planning culminated in our “First Annual Mountain Trip” to Breckenridge!  We got drenched on our hike, the boys all sucked at starting a fire, the girls couldn’t win a game of Catchphrase to save our lives and we broke the dishwasher.  But it was all PERFECT!


And because July always saves the best for last, the month ended with a birthday celebration for the ages; my mom’s 60th!  My NOLA family made a surprise — well it was a surprise to my mom, at least — visit and for three blissful days we lived it up Colorado-style, with a Pearl Street dinner, Chautauqua picnic, family putt putt competition, hawk sighting at the Denver Botanic Gardens and the general soaking up of family togetherness.  My perfect mother deserved such a perfect birthday weekend 🙂


Seriously though, it has been so hard readjusting to “normal life” this week.  Like wait, I don’t get to see my family every day?  That, coupled with the trade of my favorite Rockies player, has been making me all sorts of sad.  Someone hold me.

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention all the little things — because let’s be real, the little things matter just as much as the big things — that made July feel like eternal summertime.  We saw Wicked, my sister and I finished watching True Detective, Joey and I started half marathon training and I finally got my little hands on our wedding album.


Oh and honorable mention goes to my porch swing which I have decided has an impenetrable force field of tranquility around it.  Sitting in that thing is magical.


Today is sort of bittersweet because I hate seeing July come to an end — the feeling that summer is slipping away gives me serious anxiety! — but I’m also kind of looking forward to August.  August is summer’s last hurrah.  It’s less busy than July, which means there’s plenty of time — and summery weather — to do all the fun things I still want to do.  I’m so excited for that!

Happy Friday!