This is 26

You guys.  I meant to publish this post on Friday, but I was DA-RAGGING that day.  And a 26″ pizza, Third Eye Blind and extra large beers were to blame.


But it also meant my birthday was extra good.  Like got totally spoiled with presents, flowers, homemade cupcakes and “Happy Birthday!” messages good.  My mom had a porch swing delivered earlier last week (!!!!!!!!) and Joey got me concert tickets, gardening goodies, a new Garmin and an iPhone charger so that I don’t have to carry mine back and forth between work and home and because oh my god he might actually be getting good at that paying attention to the details thing!





And just when I was feeling perfectly spoiled, Becca went and baked me cupcakes, then made the cutest display ever and Bobby somehow managed to drive it to work with him.  I for real ate a cupcake for lunch then told Becca to quit her day job.  Plus tulips from Joey because he enjoys setting the bar high for himself and future birthdays.  Or because he’s perfect and I love him.


I took a half day and treated myself to a mani/pedi at this new nail salon near our house.  After days of rain and mild temperatures, the sun decided to come out and I walked myself to my appointment and felt like everything was right in the world.  Oh and not only was the nail salon so super nice inside but my mani turned out awesomely!


Evening plans included dinner at Fat Sully’s and an Augustana/Dashboard Confessional/Third Eye Blind concert.  Yes, we have time traveled back to high school, to a time when Chris Carrabba just gets us and we can sing together about our feelings.  But first, a giant pizza.  The four of us were ONE PIECE (guess whose piece that was…) away from finishing that whole thing, if you can even believe it.  If you’re turning 26 you MUST get the 26″ pizza, right??


It’s just too funny.  And seriously, that pizza was not just for show.  It also tasted dang good!

Augustana opened the show and I had to make a quick exit from the car to run to the Fillmore so I didn’t miss them.  They only did a four song set and everyone in the crowd was talking and didn’t realize they were in the presence of greatness, aka Dan Layus’s perfect voice, but whatever.  Then he proceeded to take down his own set because he’s a down-to-Earth angel.  In all seriousness though, it’s not often that you get to hear an opening act with a voice like that.

Joey is hands down (see what I did there?) the biggest Dashboard Confessional fan I know.  It’s borderline horrifying.  But also kinda cute.  I stood between Joey and Adam while they sang along to every world of every song and was very entertained.  Also, true love is when you have to stand in the long women’s bathroom line and your husband stands in it with you so that you don’t have to listen to “Vindicated” by yourself.

Apparently Third Eye Blind has a secret fan base because people were rocking out.  I was more like “Play Jumper already!” all night but I’m glad those closet TEB fans could get their fix.  And they did eventually play “Jumper” and it was pretty awesome.  So if Thursday was any indication, 26 is gonna be a good one!

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