Labor Day Weekend 2019 ♥

Can all weekends be three days, please?  I felt like I had enough time to do every thing I wanted, everything I needed, plus extra time leftover to semi-nap on our deck sofa, see a 3 hour movie and like every Telluride Film Fest-related tweet 😛


Wow, Friday feels SO LONG AGO.  I’d really been wanting to see Where’d You Go, Bernadette since I just read (and loved) the book, but it felt like I kept putting it off, for reasons that are probably Rotten Tomato score-related but also because it kept showing at either 6 PM (so early!) or 9 PM (so late!).  Can’t a girl get a 7:45 PM movie??  Anyway, after Joey told me to stop acting like I’m too old to go to a 9 PM movie, I acquiesced.  Look, the book is obviously better and there were major changes made (especially toward the end) that I felt significantly lessened the impact of the plot, but I still liked it!  Joey and I laughed a lot over the really badly edited photos of younger Bernadette and her husband.  Was it supposed to look so bad and fake??


Woke up Saturday and made us some banana bread buckwheat pancakes because, as Joey put it, “WE OWN EVERY FLOUR!” and buckwheat was one of them.  Turns out buckwheat not only looks like sand, but tastes like it?  No thank you!  Afterward, we hit the farmers’ market and two different grocery stores!!!  I was very proud of our stamina.  We were hosting a family BBQ on Sunday and weeks ago, when we planned the menu, I was elated over the prospect of buying fresh produce at the farmers’ market.  It was just as exciting as I thought it’d be 🙂


We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, which is not exciting, then cleaned ourselves up and headed out for dinner/Rockies, which was exciting (until the game sucked).  We’re nearing the end of Rockies season, so I’m running out of time to try all the Biker Jim’s dogs, eek!  Joey and I traded halves so I could knock out two — Elk Jalapeno Cheddar and Rattlesnake & Pheasant — and both were great.  I fear I’m going to get to the end of this experiment and tell you what you already know — Elk Jalapeno Cheddar with classic topping is the best.

It was a perfect night at Coors Field weather/sunset-wise, but woof, that game!  We left early to go grab ice cream at Smith + Canon, only to find they had sold out and closed early, noooo!  Luckily, Ice Cream Riot is just down the street and though not quite Smith + Canon level, still very very good!


I remarked on Saturday that I couldn’t remember the last time we’d gone on a weekend run, so we woke up and did just that on Sunday.  My left quad is SO SORE and I have zero clue why, so we maybe walked a little, but “that’s what weekend runs are for” Joey says.  After cooling down for a bit and eating breakfast, we jumped right into BBQ prep.  Joey was outside cleaning up the front and back yard and I was in the kitchen whipping up potato salad and squash and corn salad, then prepping a tomato salad and burgers.  Go figure, I only got a picture of one of those dishes, but that tomato salad sure looks pretty!  Also, while I cooked, I had Titanic on and I’m never not blown away by that film!

This whole BBQ was supposed to function as a “Garage and Deck Christening,” thought up by Joey’s grandma, who wasn’t feeling well and ended up missing the whole thing, bummer!!!  But Joey, my parents, my sister, Wayne, Lori, Adam, Joey’s grandpa, Jory, Betsy, Lorenzo, and Ellie were all there and my heart was so full.  Lori got us the sweetest sign for our deck ♥  I asked my mom to bring a dessert, so naturally, she brought two.  I maybe loaded my plate with peach cobbler (MY FAVORITE!!!) and vanilla ice cream, plus almond cake with whipped cream and strawberries and my mom saw and said “I’m so proud of you!” HA!  Half the party went home around 8, but those that were left, watched A Goofy Movie on the deck and it was the best ending to the best day ♥


How great it is to host a Sunday BBQ, then get a day of recovery afterward??  Amazing!  We slept in till 8 (when did 8 become sleeping in??), then took ourselves to Weathervane for giant coffees and breakfast on the teensy front patio.  We wrapped our heads around September — we leave for Italy in one month and I do not feel ready, but we’ll get there… I think! — then headed to my parents’ to pick up our pup, who was not invited to the BBQ and it was so good to have him back… and then to leave him at home while we headed to Golden.  A day off, with nothing to do, felt like the right time to visit a brewery and I’d heard good things about New Terrain.  It wasn’t so busy when we first got there, but when we left a couple hours later, it was PACKED.  My Golden Haze was so so good and I only had a headache for a day and half afterward!  (Why???)  Also, what a view!


It was an actual 100° degrees outside, so we were looking for something cool and dark to do afterward and a movie sounded like just the ticket!  I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but we have the Alamo movie pass, so we pay a monthly fee and then we can see as many movies as we want!  The only thing A) we wanted to see and B) was showing at the right time happened to be Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, which yes, we’ve already seen but it was “free” and can I please endorse the concept of the re-watch?  You catch so much more on a second viewing.  We still really really loved it, but found extra lines to laugh at and maybe clutched each others’ arms when we saw Leo get out of the pool and head to the tool shed.  Also, shout out to Zoë Bell, whose brief but brilliant scene is just so good!

Back at home, we relaxed on the deck, walked the pup, ate BBQ leftovers (from now until forever), dreamt of not drinking beer or overeating and crashed into bed.  I loved every single second of this Labor Day Weekend and fear the post-holiday weekend blues that are sure to follow, but I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything.  I hope yours was just as good!

Labor Day Weekend Things

Hi!  Is it just me or did this weekend feel SO LONG?  Not complaining, just saying.  I, for one, am all for a weekend that feels like it just keeps dragging on, because I cannot believe it’s already September.  I just want this year to slow down already.  Anyone else?

In true Labor Day fashion, this weekend was all about savoring the last bit of summer, which for me translates into beer, baseball, family and relaxing.  All of which started on Friday, with a Rockies game.


Here’s everyone on their feet for Todd Helton who was attempting his 2500th hit.  I’m still harboring negative feelings towards Todd after this summer’s DUI charge (not cool!) but when the whole crowd is standing up and cheering, it’s hard to not join in.  For the record, he didn’t end up getting that hit.


More Rockies on Saturday night.  We met out friends Bobby and Becca at the “Brew Fest and Food Truck Round Up” beforehand and I was severely disappointed.  We went to this event last year and there were at least 7 local food trucks.  This year they had TWO and neither were serving very “local” stuff.  My food took forever to come out and it was a huge mess.  And I drank a beer that literally tasted like cold stale coffee.  Unacceptable!  In other news, these little kids looked so tiny out on the field.  Too cute.


For the record, Helton still didn’t get his 2500th hit at this game and also for the record, Joey thought he “looked good” in this picture, so don’t feel bad for him that I’ve posted it on the internet.  He asked for it, guys!  I’m sitting here trying to remember what I did all day before we went to the game and I’ve got nothing.


Sunday started with this!  And look, I’m even following through on my no caffeine rule.  Joey, my sister, both our mothers and I all hit up Ikea for some house inspiration and my mom was nice enough to pick us all up some Starbucks for the road.  My favorite part was when my mom accidentally threw away her reusable cup and had to go back and pick it out of the trash.  Oh, Mom.


No joke, we spent 5 hours at Ikea and spent $1.38 between the 5 of us.  We told my mom beforehand that we were just going there to get some ideas and she still kept trying to offer to buy us stuff.  You gotta love her determination though.  Don’t worry Mom, we’ll be going back once we’re actually moved into the house and then we’ll take you up on all those offers 🙂


We also took a lunch break for some Swedish meatballs.  I had to be different from everyone else and get a salmon wrap that I seriously regretted after eating it.  I’m a sushi lover, but that cured salmon rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.  May this be a warning to myself to just go with the tried and true Swedish (horse) meatballs next time.


I made it up to myself later with a delicious kale and mushroom quesadilla, alongside beer (naturally), the Rocky Mountain Showdown and Big Brother.  If you’re thinking that’s too much TV and too much going on in general, you are correct.  We were only half watching the CU vs. CSU game though.  Our Buffs pulled out the win this year!  I don’t even care about football but a good old college rivalry is always fun.  Especially when your alma mater wins.


Today, we labored.  5 miles done before 8:30 AM.  Then ran a billion errands.  To the mall, to the grocery store, to Home Depot (do you even know how many shades of gray there are??) and to Beauty Brands.


Hempz lotion on sale!  Half off.  I couldn’t resist and bought three.  In between all that, there has been lots of Six Feet Under and playing on this Ikea 3D room planner thing.  IT IS ADDICTING.  We also managed to sell the two glass tables we’ve had for the past few years.  New tables are in our future.



Sunday Monday (whoa!) ended at my parents’ with a fabulous dinner and Huni Bunny for dessert.  Actually, we had strawberry rhubarb pie and gelato.  No offense to ice cream, but how much easier is gelato to scoop?!

I was in bed reading by 9 PM and lights out by 10, so I’m feeling well rested and ready to get through this short week.


How did you celebrate Labor Day?

Are you ready for summer to end?

Have you ever been to Ikea?