Thanksgiving Highlights Reel

I fully intended on writing a Thanksgiving Day post and a separate Thanksgiving Weekend post, but I was too busy loving every minute of Thursday through Sunday that that plan kind of slipped through my hands.  Whoops!

Anyway, it’s official.  Thanksgiving Weekend (or from Wednesday at 3 PM when I left work until Sunday at 11 PM) is my favorite time of the year.  Trumping Christmas, my birthday and Memorial Day Weekend even.  Maybe it’s because I’m all about tradition and I can always rely on running a Turkey Trot with Joey, a perfectly cooked turkey from my mother-in-law, my mom’s stuffing, lots of family love, a post-Thanksgiving hangout with Hannah and Josh and tons of lounging on the couch, but I just can’t help but love every single second of Thanksgiving and the weekend that follows.




We left work around 3 on Wednesday, picked up some wine then headed home to cook for Thursday.  I made an obnoxiously organized list of our tasks (if that doesn’t scream control freak, I don’t know what does…) and I don’t think the whole process could’ve gone any smoother.  Oh, by the way, grating the frozen butter into my biscuits worked awesomely!



As always, we ran a Turkey Trot Thursday morning.  I made us some green smoothies for breakfast and threw in a good amount of peanut butter.  I think Joey’s exact words upon taking his first sip were “Oooo, me run fast!” so I’ll assume that means he liked the peanut butter addition.  When I first looked up Thanksgiving on the 10-day forecast it was snowy with a high of 20 degrees but at some point it changed to partly cloudy and 60 degrees.  Uh yeah, that’s definitely an improvement.  Except for the part where the track was way too small for the amount of runners, the race was really great.




Lori aced the turkey again this year.  How does she do it?!  And I got to drink some of the wine we brought home from France!  Afterwards, we all settled onto the couch for some football (or more like me checking Instagram every 2 minutes to see what all the Food Network stars I follow were cooking…) and some serious relaxation time.  Because I know the celebration with my family is going to be a little louder, I’m always grateful for a laid back first half of the day 🙂






Later, at Chez Dorsey, Joey watched the Cowboys game with such enthusiasm, mom set out appetizers, I popped open the wine, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew showed up and then we dug into meal #2.  My mom had her turkey spatchcocked (or butterflied) this year.  She’s so trendy!  It looks kind of freaky, huh?  A few days earlier, I asked Joey if I could just put a tiny bit of everything on my plate, then fill the rest of the space with stuffing.  I was only kind of kidding.  She also made a chocolate cream pie and it was to die for!








It’s possible I love the day after Thanksgiving just as much as actual Thanksgiving Day.  We walked over to get coffee then plopped ourselves on the couch to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I swear I know less and less of the performing artists every year.  I will say that it was a weird combination of pity and laughter every time someone slipped and fell during a band performance.  Also, one kid’s helmet fell over the front of his face and he had to leave it like that!  Poor kid.

That night, we headed to the newly renovated Union Station downtown for dinner with Hannah and Josh.  The only pre-reno experience I’d had at Union Station was when I accidentally got on the wrong bus and ended up there (let’s not discuss that), but wow, it is awesome in there.  Restaurants, a swanky bar, pretty Christmas decorations and tons of people.  We ate at The Kitchen Next Door then watched the “Grand Illumination,” which conveniently ended up being minutes after we walked out of the restaurant.  Afterwards, we took H&J to Denver Beer Co. Canworks for beer (obviously) and a private tour then ended the night at another brewery down the street.  We live in a pretty cool neighborhood 🙂




I wish I could pretend Saturday and Sunday weren’t mainly comprised of our couch and Gilmore Girls, but that would be dishonest.  I guess we did also take out the Christmas decorations (twinkle lights are up!!!), kegged our beer, watched What If (I like Daniel Radcliffe so much more when he’s not Harry Potter), went out to Sunday breakfast, went to yoga (okay that was just me) and watched more Gilmore Girls.

And thus ends my favorite weekend of the year.  How was yours?!

Thanksgiving x2

I like to laugh to myself when I read everyone’s Facebook/Twitter updates about being “SO FULL” after one Thanksgiving meal because Joey and I eat two every year.  We give new meaning to the word full, but I’m not complaining. I’m totally happy to enjoy Thanksgiving food twice in one day.  Until next year, that is, when we (and our house) are hopefully ready to host our first Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, our day started like it does every year… with a Turkey Trot!  But first, green smoothie fuel.  I’ll assume that face means Joey loved it.



The first Turkey Trot we ever did (in 2010) was so cold so I always compare every year to that one.  Luckily, it has never been that cold again and this year, although chilly at the beginning, turned out to be pretty nice.  We’ve done a different race every year and I thought this one was really well organized.  Also, the teenage volunteers standing along the course looking tired and cold and expressionless were a really nice touch!


I may or may not have run past the finish line instead of through it and several people had to yell at me to stop.  Only slightly embarrassing.  They gave us all frozen egg noodles at the end.  I’m sure they’re just normal noodles but that just sounds kind of gross, doesn’t it?


Thanksgiving #1 with Joey’s mom.  I should probably just stop trying to bring vegetables as I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who ends up eating them.  Lori is always so prepared by the time we get there at noon.  I don’t think I want to know what time she gets up to get the turkey so perfect.


Then of course, the annual Cowboys Thanksgiving game.  My life would be so much easier if I was into football and I swear I’ve tried, but my eyes look at the screen and my brain immediately wanders off.  I think it might be an incurable disease.  The Cowboys did win at least.  I find myself hoping they win more and more often as it means I don’t have to hear complaints about how they lost 😛


Later that night, we headed over to my parents’, where I think we had just enough wine.  I brought these (without the lemon butter) and these (with 3x as much mustard…we like mustard) and they both turned out awesome!  Plus my mom went all out as usual and everything was phenomenal.  We deemed it her best stuffing yet.




This is a picture of my sister putting a band-aid on my niece’s stomach because “it hurt,” aka she ate too much and was really full.  So adorable!  Also, my nephew obviously stripped down to his underwear within 5 minutes of being in the house and broke a wine glass halfway through dinner.  He’s a handful that one.


Even Bunny was exhausted at the end of the night.  Joey and I actually ended up going home and catching part of the James Bond marathon playing on the SyFy channel.  I was having a real Bond hankering and was so excited to see Goldfinger starting just as we sat down on the couch.  How cool is Sean Connery as Bond?  And that “Goldfinger” song is the coolest.



Black Friday has involved breakfast (because two Thanksgiving meals don’t ruin these appetites) and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We always record and watch it the day after Thanksgiving.  It’s the perfect holiday hangover activity.  And because Joey and I are mean, we watched the whole show hoping one of the performers would fall when their float suddenly started moving.  No one did!


Followed by more housework.  Now we’re back on the couch watching The World is Not Enough.  Is Pierce debonair or what?  I’m hoping we can get our floors finished tomorrow so we can have some holiday weekend fun but even with all the work we have to do, I’m still feeling pretty thankful 🙂