Weekend Things

I love mornings like this.

Lemon cornmeal pancakes.

My apartment is cool and quiet.  Joey came home from playing poker with the guys at 3 AM, so I know I have this quiet apartment to myself till at least noon.  Or at least until 9 when he’s requested I wake him up for Pancake Sunday.

What the inside of a peach pit looks like.

And I’m still in a good mood from spending Saturday night with my mom and sister.  We drank beer, followed by chocolate covered almonds, followed by ice cream.  Followed by my mom snoring on the couch with her eyes still open.  Don’t ask, I didn’t quite understand it myself.

As much as I obsess, complain and stress about my “professional life,” I have it pretty good.  And I have so much outside of work to be grateful and happy about.  I definitely realize that I’m the kind of personal who gets worked up very easily.  And once I do, it spirals into a mess of negativity and emotional meltdowns.  I’m working on it.

Sperry’s on sale.

Cherry tomatoes at the market.

Stumbled upon an artisan market in Boulder.

Weekends give me a new perspective and the chance to remember that I’m only 23.  And that I should simply be enjoying life.  Not stressing out about it.  So if anything, this is a message to myself.  And in the words of the great Bob Marley (and my sister the other day), every little thing, is gonna be alright.

New watch.

The one who keeps me sane with the watermelon my sister-in-law gifted us.

Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Something like that. It kind of looks like he’s thinking about tossing the watermelon at a low flying Cessna or something. Which can only make me wonder, “Just what did that Cessna do to him?”

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