Things I’m Okay With

Joey being in charge of dinner.

I’ve come to a very serious conclusion that I don’t like cooking as much as I like eating something home-cooked.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to give up control of the kitchen.  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I find onion pieces on the floor and dirty spoons sitting next to to spoon holder on top of the stove when Joey cooks.

Free grape samples at Whole Foods.

Actual fall weather.

It was cold, gray and rainy all day on Wednesday.  We wore sweaters and ordered Chinese for lunch at work.  It was awesome.

The return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Catching up with my best friend while drinking said lattes.

 Finally being able to bottle our beer!

Riding in Joey’s dad’s new Mercedes.

It has a voice command feature but no matter how many times I said, “Buckle me” or “Drive us back to the office” it wouldn’t listen.

Emails from Joey inviting me to lunch at Chipotle.

Serious conversations had during lunch:

“Do you think my dad will buy me a Mercedes??”  Answer: No.

“Do you think you’re dad will trade cars with me for the day??”  Answer: Also no.

Eating this for breakfast all week.

Except I made them into giant muffins.  And except that all the muffin tops broke off when I tried to get them out of the pan.  And except that I glued the tops back on with frosting.  Joey still referred to them as the “Best muffins ever!”  I concur.  

Pulling the newest edition of Cooking Light out of the mailbox.

Especially when I saw the section on quick breads.  Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread?  I need that.  Because those muffins are going to run out at some point.  Maybe I can make the quick breads into giant muffins that are glued together with frosting, too!  Or maybe I’ve just had too much caffeine today!

Having my last day of work be earlier than expected.

They needed to shift some people around anyways, so they had someone to fill my spot right away and staying till next week seemed kind of pointless.  I’m totally okay with it because it means I get a few extra days off before starting at Joey’s office on Monday.  

Hello, 4-day weekend!

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