10 Things that Suck about Dating Someone Who’s Training for a Marathon

1. If you go out with them on Friday nights, be prepared to head home before midnight.

And no matter how many times you explain it, everyone always thinks you’re the reason for leaving early.

2. Any run you go on pales in comparison.

3 miles is impressive, unless you set it next to 20 miles.

3. Say goodbye to sleeping in together on Saturday mornings.

Waking up and knowing your significant other has been running for the past two hours just makes you feel lazy.

4. You have to be seen with them when they’re standing in some awkward and embarrassing position while trying to stretch their hip.

And they don’t even care if it’s in public!

5. If they just decide to go on a morning run and not tell you that they’re going to be gone for 2 hours, you get to wake up, find them missing and freak out until they return.

Oh and spend 2 hours imagining every horrible thing that could have happened to them.

6. They do this every Saturday afternoon.


But it gives you time to take pictures of them doing it.

Note that Joey approved the publication of this photo.

7. They don’t want to join you in doing anything active for the rest of the day.

Apparently, even walking around the Farmers’ Market for 15 minutes is too much.

8. All.That.Sweat.

Enough said.

9. You have to listen to them complain about everything that’s sore/tight/chaffed for the rest of the day.

And pretend you care.

And when they injure their hamstring, you get to hear hourly updates on their pain level and listen to them complain about not being able to train for two weeks. Boo-freaking-hoo.

10. After the marathon is over.

Numbers l through 9 combined do not amount to the suckiness of having to spend the rest of the day with someone who has just run for 3 and a half hours. They are in pain. They are tired. And they don’t even have the energy to eat back all the calories they just burned! How boring!

All that being said, I wish Joey luck on Saturday morning!

Sidenote: Joey does know that I just like to give him a hard time. And that I’m really super proud of him!

2 thoughts on “10 Things that Suck about Dating Someone Who’s Training for a Marathon

  1. Haha I was debating on doing a marathon next October with my cousin, afte this I am thinking maybe I do not want to go there….lol! I am still very unsure about it, and I haven’t given her an answer yet as to if I will do this or not.

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