Indie Pick of the Week: Brick

Joey and I don’t really agree when it comes to movies.  Mostly because everything he watches/likes is stupid.  Case in point: one time I tried to clean out his movie collection and he threw the biggest hissy fit over… Grumpy Old Men!  Because “that’s seriously his favorite movie!!!”  Come on.  That’s no one’s favorite movie.  I think he may have been being slightly dramatic and exaggerating just a little bit.  Also I hadn’t seen any of the Back to the Future movies until a couple years ago and this was apparently a big huge deal.  I guess.

Anyways.  One genre of film we do agree on is Indie films.  We love them!  Okay, some are a total wash, but for the most part they are creative, interesting, artistic and witty.  It’s like a breath of fresh air in a world where most of the big blockbusters star Kristen Stewart and look and feel like they took a week to make.

Lately, we have this little routine where we stay in on Saturday nights, cook up some awesomely sophisticated dinner, that usually involves fish (because fish is so sophisticated) and watch an Indie film.  You know, stuff old people probably also do, but I digress.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the movies we see, since most times, we love whatever we end up watching.

This past weekend, it was Brick, which stars Joseph Gordon Levitt.  So basically, say no more, I’m in.  After doing a little research (who does that??), and realizing it was written in the style of a hardboiled detective novel, I was super excited.  I read a lot of hardboiled stuff in a detective fiction class in college and loved it all.  The movie was hardboiled to a tee.  You’ve got the solitary but smooth detective, the classic detective story slang and the themes of drugs and violence.

Except.  All the characters in Brick are high school students, who apparently don’t go to class or have parents and who throw big lavish parties where everyone is dressed like royalty and no one is playing beer pong or chugging Bud Light.  Also it takes place is sunny California.  I mean, film noir translates to “black film” and there’s nothing black about bright cloudless skies.  It just wasn’t believable.  I will say that I think the dialogue was well-done, but reading detective slang is one thing, listening to it and trying to decode everything as quickly are the actors are speaking, is entirely different.

This one was a miss for me.  Joey claims he liked it.

Maybe we don’t agree on anything.


What’s your favorite movie genre?

Do you watch Indie films?

Do you like detective stories?

2 thoughts on “Indie Pick of the Week: Brick

  1. Good review. I loved this movie so much and it’s one of the first that made me realize JGL has some real effin’ talent. Thankfully, my realizations have been proven correct over time.

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