Christmas Things

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Per usual, ours was busy and hectic at times but that’s half the fun, right? Right.

Christmas Eve was split between Joey’s mom’s side of the family and my family. Tradition calls for breakfast and a movie with the former group so that’s what we did.

Pretty sure I hijacked the celebration by choosing both the breakfast restaurant and the movie. And then I ordered for everyone. Just kidding.


I think everyone approved of Turley’s. I definitely approved of this giant cafe au lait.

The 3D thing is kind of lost on me. After 5 minutes I usually forget it’s even in 3D but regardless, I really liked Life of Pi! Visually it was beautiful and it was definitely thought provoking. Poor Joey had to listen to me analyzing it for the rest of the day. I just wish the ending had been a little less spelled out.


We spent the evening with my brother and co. over at my parents’. It’s always so fun watching little ones open presents (and to open some for myself). My nephew spent the evening taking super close-up pictures of everything on his new camera and my niece loved her new jacket so much that she burst into tears when my brother took it off of her.



I also let my dad eat about half of the casserole I made before telling him it was full of cream cheese. I think he quickly forgot after opening his iPad mini. And this is probably how my dad is going to look from now on.


I finished the evening by watching A League of Their Own with a sleeping dog on my lap and was greeted with snowfall when I headed back home.



Christmas Day involved breakfast, mimosas, dominating in Scattergories, and lots of present opening. Santa was good to everyone this year. My mom actually cried when she opened presents from my sister and I. It was so sweet 🙂






I don’t think I’ve removed this pair of Frye boots from my feet since opening them.

There was also a good amount of relaxing.




You would think a 3-day work week would go fast but it’s so slow at work and the 3 days just keep dragging on and on. Does anyone else find this time of year depressing? It’s cold and there’s no Christmas to look forward to.

C’est la vie!

What were the highlights of your Christmas?

Are you experiencing the post-Christmas blues?

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?

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