10 Reasons To Be Glad It’s Spring

Did you know yesterday was the first day of spring?

I did and if I had been planning ahead, I would have posted this yesterday.  Planning ahead instead of say, Googling chronic tiredness and then trying to convince everyone that I have a rare condition where I dream too much and all the energy my brain is using to create such vivid dreams is making me tired instead of allowing sleep to be restorative.  Oh dear, I’ve said too much.

Anyways.  It’s now spring!  And I don’t know if it was my trip to the sunny and eternally summer-like state of Arizona or the two days of 70 degree weather we had a couple of weeks ago, but I am ready for spring and here’s 10 reasons why.

1. The return of hiking season.


My sister and I were just lamenting about the fact that last St. Patrick’s Day we were out on a hike in Boulder.  This year, it’s a week past St. Patrick’s Day and there’s snow in the forecast.  I’m ready to feel the pain and exhaustion of a good hike, which always feels like I’ve never exercised in my life.  I want that feeling.

2. Baseball!


Rockies Opening Day is so soon.  They put out their new commercials yesterday and they just made me want to be friends with the whole team.  Fingers crossed for a better season than last year.

3. Spring birthdays.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love other peoples’ birthdays!  All the celebrating but none of the center of attention-ness.

4. Fresh spring flavors and meals.


And by that I specifically mean tacos.  Oh so many tacos.  But also fresh asparagus, light salads and sweet fruit.  Warm hearty comfort foods make winter taste oh so delicious, but I’m so ready for something a little brighter.

5. Trips to the Farmers’ Market.


And all the expensive produce that I am suddenly convinced I need when I am there.  In similar but not-exactly-related news, I really want to sign up for a spring/summer/early autumn CSA this year!  I spent some time yesterday doing some farm research and have a few picked out that I need to debate over and then that part where I convince Joey to shell out a big lump sum for vegetables.

6. Spring blossoms.


Apart from turning leaves, is there anything more breathtaking than freshly blossoming trees?  Not to mention that sweet delicious smell they produce.  The white ones are beautiful but the pinkish purple ones?  My favorite!

7. Easter.


And all the brunching, family bonding and Easter egg hunting that comes with it.

8. The arrival of the Bolder Boulder. 


Actually I am terrified for “America’s Best 10K” because I feel I might die every time I’m done running 3 miles, which is in fact only half the distance of a 10K.  Thank goodness it’s a race where walking, keg-standing and slip-n-sliding is highly encouraged.

9. Our family trip to Vegas. 


This is not a picture of Vegas.  This is a picture of alcohol, which we will consume in Vegas.  And my sister will finally be able to do this legally.  Because she’s turning 21 in April.  Yay!

10. It’s not winter! 


And I will celebrate any season that isn’t winter.

Happy 2nd Day of Spring!


What part of spring are you most excited about?

What’s your favorite spring meal?

Have you ever self-diagnosed yourself with a rare condition after doing too much Googling?  Still just me on that one?

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Be Glad It’s Spring

  1. Definitely excited to start running outside!! And eating yummy spring flavors… a little sick of the soups and stews haha too bad it is still 25 degrees here in Chicago.

    • That just made me shiver! We have occasional warm weather on the weekends here so I’ve made it out for a couple runs but I cannot wait until warm outdoor running weather is just a given.

  2. Bolder Boulder sounds amazing! And I’ve missed hiking too! I did go a little in the winter, but I’m not a fan of the cold. I got myself some things from icebreaker- base layer and hoodie- and they did keep me warm.

    • You are brave, I wouldn’t have the guts to hike in the winter! The Bolder Boulder is far and away my favorite race. There’s just so much fun going on on the sidelines!

  3. “And I will celebrate any season that isn’t winter.” AMEN sistah!

    I’m definitely excited about the farmer’s market opening back up…though I still have to wait until MAY!! Oh and asparagus…nothing like some grilled asparagus! Preferably of the variety that doesn’t cost you your first born child! And I can’t wait until the trees start blossoming! Love how everything looks so fresh and new…and the smell! Heaven!

    Omg, do NOT get on Web MD! It took me all of about 5 minutes to diagnosis myself with an incurable disease the last time I logged on! Lol

    • Once I dry swallowed some medication and got esophagitis (aka the medicine inflammed my esophagus) and when I web MD-ed it, it told me I was having a heart attack. Ha ha!

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