Listening to the Nsync IHeartRadio Station.


Okay, I have a feeling I’m completely alone on this one, but that Nsync reunion performance?  Ehhhh.  I was a HUGE Nsync fan back in the day (I owned this and I think I watched it on a daily basis), but watching the VMA performance just depressed me.  Guys, Chris is 41!  And while JT’s dancing just gets better and better as the years go on, I cant not say the same for the other four.  Nsync oldies are still good, though.  And this is hilarious!

Worrying about my Venus Flytrap.


Which I have named “Serena.”  Get it?  Anyways, the whole point of getting a Flytrap was to catch the annoying flies that always make their way into my office and now that I have one, I haven’t seen a single fly.  I don’t want her to starve!

Looking at pictures of Hannah’s wedding dress.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I’ll just say it’s perfect and I’m so happy.  Oh and that the idea of being in charge of her bustle is kind of intimidating.

Swearing off caffeine.


I’ve never been a huge caffeine drinker but this year I started drinking Earl Gray every morning then switched to iced coffee this summer.  The past month or so, my body has been so sensitive to the caffeine and has been making me feel HORRIBLE.  I’ve “sworn off caffeine” at least 5 times this summer, but this time I’m serious!

Saying farewell.


Our company is expanding and opening another location in Pueblo.  A few of our guys are moving down there, including Joey’s cousin Jory.  We’ve gone from seeing him every Thursday (for bowling) to him moving two hours away 😦  We took him to dinner at Interstate Kitchen & Bar for a farewell dinner.

Craving a Cobb salad & a root beer float.


I have such mixed feelings about Interstate.  The restaurant was pretty deserted, there was one employee who looked like she was doing everything and she wasn’t doing it very well, but gah, the food!  After ordering dessert first (like a boss), I got a Cobb salad with bacon dressing and an over-easy egg on top.  Best. Cobb. Ever.  Plus the price was right and the portions were big.

Loving the new John Mayer CD.


“Wildfire” in particular.  I haven’t loved a JMay song this much since Vultures.  This is a big deal.

Wondering how it possibly got to be the end of August.

I don’t want the summer to end!  But it’s also been in the upper 90’s all week, so maybe Mother Nature isn’t ready for summer to end either!


What’s been happening in your life lately?

One thought on “Lately

  1. Serena! Haha! Love it! And I swear it only takes a few months of me not drinking coffee to get hypersensitive to caffeine. I started drinking it again here and there at the beginning of the year and I still can’t have it any stronger than 2/3 caff without getting the shakes! :-/

    Oh, NYSNC…the memorieeeees! I was so disappointed with the their performance for the VMAs! It was over in the blink of an eye! 😦

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