Homebrewing: A One Year Anniversary

As the title of this post probably suggests, this past weekend marked our one year anniversary as homebrewers!  You should have seen Joey’s face last week when I said “Guess what anniversary is coming up!”  I guess the idea of completely forgetting some important anniversary is a very real fear for him.

In the past year, we have brewed 4 of our very own beers, start to finish.  When we first bought our beer kit, it was because I had been hating the job I was at and had made a master plan to just quit and open a brewery.  I was partly kidding, but I did think it would be a fun hobby to get into and I really wouldn’t mind if it turned into more than just a hobby.  I still feel that way, but for now, homebrewing has turned into such a fun hobby.  It has been a lesson in teamwork, patience, time management, coordination, and all things beer, of course.

And not to sound dramatic, but I truly feel brewing, drinking and experiencing beer (ahem, quality beer) has changed who I am and become an integral part of my life.  Never thought I’d be making grandiose statements of love about beer of all things!  I really feel like we’ve come so far since that first brewing experience.  In regards to taste, clarity and efficiency so I can only expect us to get even better in the next year!  So here’s to another year of homebrewing, albeit in a new location, and continuing to learn more about the process.  And to drinking it, obviously.


2 thoughts on “Homebrewing: A One Year Anniversary

  1. This is so cool, what a rewarding hobby to have! Sometime in the last 6 months my love for beer has skyrocketed…something about it is so satisfying and refreshing. A feeling I never get with wine! When you open your brewery I will gladly come and invest in some growlers. 😉

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