Party Weekend Things

Hi all, Happy Monday!  I guess I should be kind of depressed that it’s the beginning of another work week but this weekend was so fabulous and I think I’m still riding out the high I have from all the happiness.  I can’t say the same for Joey who has been this morning.  But I can’t say I blame him.  We had our engagement party last night and the whole evening was packed with family, friends, food… oh and the Broncos game.  But let’s backtrack to Friday.

photo 1

We spent the first half of Friday night taping our bathroom so we could finish painting it.  Joey announced that we wouldn’t be relaxing until everything was taped so we busted it out quick then dove into our Great Divide beer supply, where we found this sticker.  I see these on cars all the time and was so excited to find one.

photo 5

photo 4

We also made some giant salads (aka the only kind of salad I’ll eat) and watched A Guy Thing.  I wasn’t kidding about knowing almost all the lines to this movie as I kept having to remind myself to stop speaking them alongside the actors.  How sad is it that I can even sing along to the background songs?  Actually, don’t answer that.  I also wasn’t kidding about wanting to watch all these movies.  We took down Runaway Bride on Saturday night!

photo 2

On Saturday, we did end up getting all the painting done.  I’d seen a bunch of pictures of striped walls on Pinterest and loved the way they looked so we decided to do the same in our bathroom.  Not gonna lie, I also hoped it would give the illusion of a bigger bathroom but I’m pretty sure it still looks teeny tiny.  Anyways, the stripes came out great.  We love it!  I guess the 10 different tester colors we bought were worth it.

We took a break later in the afternoon and headed over to my brother and sister-in-law’s for a little family celebration.  It’s so fun to see my nephew so into school and all the crafts he’s done there.  I hope he inherited my brother’s artistic-ness and not my inability to draw a stick figure.  My niece was all dressed up in a little ballet outfit and it took me right back to my dance class days.  All she needed was a sticker on her right foot so she can know which shoe goes on which foot.

photo 3

Sunday involved more work on the bathroom.  We just need to finish up the sink and switch out the shower curtain and shower head and I think we’ll be done.  During a unsuccessful trip to Target for a bathroom mirror I may have purchased two more pairs of nude heels.  Of the four pairs, the two size six pairs were too small and the two size six and a half pairs were too big.  Is six and a quarter a size?  I ended up wearing a too small pair and they were actually fine.  I hoping they’ll stretch out?


Please excuse the horrible quality of this picture — it was dark and a photoshop expert I am not.

So like I said, yesterday night was our engagement party, hosted by my parents and attended by our closest friends and family.  It’s seriously my hugest pet peeve when bloggers say they didn’t take pictures because they were having too much fun and forgot but seriously… I was having too much fun and I forgot.  We had it at a pizza restaurant — the owner is a client of my mom’s — and everything, from the food to the wine to the company was fantastic.  I am totally and utterly blown away by the outpouring of love.  Every time someone would tell me how genuinely happy they were for us I felt like crying.  My dad gave us a toast — despite me begging him not to 🙂 — and it was perfect.  Short, sweet and from the heart.

As a shy girl my entire life, I have this subconscious notion that people don’t like me and this party (and our whole engagement thus far) has totally convinced me otherwise.  I have been met with nothing but honest support and happiness that has warmed every inch of my heart and made me even more excited for the big day.  And I didn’t think I could be any more excited.

In other news, I just realized I put on all my makeup except mascara, so maybe I’m more out of it than I thought!

2 thoughts on “Party Weekend Things

  1. Awww, I don’t know if I’ve just gotten seriously hormonal in my “old age” or what, but that last paragraph like to had me to tears! I swear, even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you and Joey so I’m just beside myself with excitement for the two of you and this new chapter in your lives! And so I don’t feel like a grandma by saying that, allow me to insert some emoticons… 😀 😀 😀 😉

    Earlier this year, I swear I tried on every nude pair of heels within a 50 mile radius of my house searching for just the right pair to wear to Blend. I finally found some Steve Maddens that were perfect…funnily enough, they look just like your ones from Target (only I’m sure about triple the price!).

    LOVE the striped walls! I’ve been debating on what color to paint my bathroom for years now, but I never once thought of doing stripes…hmm, might have to see if I can test the limits of my patience with that one!

  2. Your comment is a perfect example of what I was talking about at the end of that post! That seriously means so much to me, Heather. Thank you so so much. I tried Steve Madden but all they had out was boots (go figure!). Believe it or not, the stripes were pretty easy to lay out. And that was even with out ceiling and floors not being completely straight (the perks of a 100+ year old house…) so I say go for it!

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