5 Things I’m Exited About Today

And do you know just what “today” is?  THE ROCKIES HOME OPENER!  It snowed yesterday, so one thing I’m not excited about it that the game will probably be cold.  I need a Rockies sleeping bag for Spring games.  But never the less, there are some things I am excited about.  For instance…

I’m excited for a half day at work!

Actually, I kind of miss when I was still in school and would get to take the entire day off for Opening Day, but I guess only working a few hours before taking off for all day fun having isn’t so bad.

I’m excited for Biker Jim’s!

Biker Jim’s is all of 5 minutes away from our house, so technically I could go any ol’ day if I wanted, but it just doesn’t feel right eating there unless it’s baseball season.  Brat, fries, PBR, oh so fluffy bun that inevitably gets stuff to all my teeth… bam, it’s on!

A billion Rockies-colored balloons!

The sight of that green field and all those purple, black and white balloons floating up into the air brings great joy to my heart.  Yes, I am a child.

Walk Up Songs!

Even though I usually can’t hear on Opening Day (so many people, so much noise!), I still like trying to hear what songs all our players have chosen to walk up to the plate to.  Please let there be less country and more of anything other than country this year.

Oh yeah, the actual game!

I know, it’s a long season, but it’s always nice to see a win on Opening Day.  By the way, I have a fantasy baseball team now.  Like my very own fantasy baseball team (who am I?).  And I even have some Rockies on there, so I’m going to do my best to remember who they are and pay attention to whether they’re helping my fantasy team out.


Happy Opening Day!