Weekend Do’s & Don’ts

You don’t even want to know how long I just spent Googling the correct punctuation of “do’s and don’ts” and I’m still not sure if I got it right…

Ahem.  Anyways.

Do be in an unusually good mood on Friday.  Also, do blame the gloriously warm weather and don’t take it for granted.  See Sunday’s freak (or not too freak if you happen to live in Colorado) spring snowstorm.

Do convince your fiancé to ditch the lunch you responsibly packed in exchange for a spontaneous lunch date and Udi’s.  Also, do sit outside in the sun and don’t even contemplate ordering anything other than your beloved Kale Caesar.


Do let the 75 degree weather convince you to jump right into summer mode and pull out the new hammock.  Do enjoy a quick siesta in said hammock, but don’t get used to it.  See today’s snow-covered hammock.


Do finally go see The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Don’t get your hopes up that it will be even better than Moonrise Kingdom (it wasn’t) and don’t get too attached to Jeff Goldblum’s character.

photo 1

Do start Saturday with a green smoothie and a lovely 3 mile run.  Do enjoy some patio surfing with your girlfriends.  Don’t order bottomless mimosas then decided it’s a good idea to accompany your fiancé to Ikea.  I was not helpful in doing anything but eating a $1 hot dog.

photo 5

Assembly still in progress.

Do pick a good indoor activity to spend all of a snowy Sunday on.  Why yes, brewing beer is the perfect choice!  This will be the second time we’ve brewed this IPA but the first time we’ll be kegging it.  If all goes well, we’ll be serving our own beer at our wedding!

photo 3

photo 4

Do book your bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans.  Do be beyond excited about it, but don’t think about how it’s not for another 3+ months.  I wanna go nowwwwww!

Don’t be too sad that’s it’s Monday again.  Or so I’m trying to convince myself.