On Letting Go

Sometimes I get in these ruts of overthinking things and maybe caring too much about stuff.  I blame my incessant need to have the future overly planned out (hello, control issues!), but at times it gets to be more than I can handle.  Ahem, an example.

This weekend we’ve got Rockies game, Avs game, Easter baking, Easter celebrating, make up and hair trials for the wedding, then come the work week, it’s two more birthday celebrations and another Rockies game.  Whoa!  Already, my brain is like “when will I have time to work out?” “when will I have time to cook so that we have stuff to bring to work for lunch?” “when will I fit in that 4 mile run I promised I’d go on in an attempt to be ready for the Bolder Boulder next month?” “and when will I even have time to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the dessert I volunteered to make for Easter?!”

And I could spend a bunch of time incessantly planning out how to fit all of those things into the next few days, but… I just don’t want to.  It’s exhausting and a waste of what time I do have.  So what if I go 5 days without working out or GASP! have to buy lunch on the fly because I didn’t have time to put together a perfectly balanced meal at home.  I will live and life will go on.  Plus all those worrisome thoughts are just taking up space in my head that should only be filled with the idea of how much fun the next few days are going to be!  And sometimes, feeling out of control can be pretty freeing.

Life is about to get all kinds of busy.  Birthdays, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, actual weddings and vacations are all coming up fast and while my first instinct might be to go into a tailspin of anxiety, instead I’m going to remind myself that that’s a lot of incredibly exciting things to be busy with.  And that I might just have to give up some control in order to fully enjoy it all.

Happy Thursday, you all!