Weekends Lately

So I’ve been meaning to talk to you all about my weekends as of late.  Here’s how things usually go.  Bright and early Monday morning, I am already starting a list of things I didn’t have the time to do last weekend and want to do this weekend.  Which means by the time Friday actually rolls around, I have a looooong list of things I “have to” get done.  Yes, in the time between Monday and Friday, I’ve switched from “want” to “need.”  Which means I’m already putting the pressure on myself and I’m already stressed out about all of those must-dos.  If this sounds like a good way to suck all the fun out of the weekend before it even starts, that’s because it is.

In addition, I have early onset adulthood — buying a house will do that to you — which means I want to stay in on Friday night, I want to wake up early on Saturday and I want to be home by 4 PM on Sunday so I can regroup for the work week.  Somehow, without my noticing (until it was too late), I went from wanting to hang out with friends on Friday night to wanting to stay in and go to bed early so I can feel rested for a day of getting stuff done around the house on Saturday.  I just rolled my eyes at myself for writing that sentence.  Am I too young to feel this way?  Help!  When did vacuuming become more enticing than lazing about and how worried should I be that I kind of don’t mind this new desire to be boring?

In an attempt to remedy both my severe case of overcomplicating disorder and early onset adulthood, I kept the to-do list as short as possible this week.  Grocery, laundry, go on a run.  No wedding planning, no house projects (ahem for me anyways… I can’t speak for Joey :P) and the go-ahead to sleep in, lounge on the couch, watch too much TV and eat too much of everything.  I’ll admit, it felt pretty nice, but I fear old habits will die hard and by next weekend I’ll be back to a long list of stuff to do (oh hi, I already have “see The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “brew beer” on there…) and wanting to be boring in the name of being able to get said to do list cleared.

Can any 20-somethings relate?